Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Another attempt to kill the banner

Sites should not run banner Ads

I´m coming up with a confrontation happened last week. This time it was the journalist Farhad Manjoo from NewYork Times who wanted to kill the banner. On november 5th he wrote an article called "Fall of the Banner Ad: The Monster That Swallowed the Web". Mainly he says banners ar not good because of these reasons:
- They are bad for usability (they ocuppy space and have animations)
- They are ineffective (see banner blindness)
- They are against privacy
- They make sites load slow

Also he made some comments on his timeline:

So, it was Randall Rothenberg, head of iab who actually answered him, explaining deeply every of his misconceptions in an article about record on Display Advertising  Also there were some tweets

Some days later on Business insider, there was an interview to Farhad Manjoo, at the Jay Yarow show where you can hear anothe replay from Mr Manjo:

Well, if you hear the whole interview about the controversial, there´s a pair of statements at Mr. Manjoo´s side:

First one: He says "banner ads are ruining the whole web". We should understand this from the point of view of a journalist. So, content is king, "those sites shouldn´t run banner ads, they lose the ability to connect with the audience". There´s the idea of content, engagement, quality Ads, instead of what he sees.

Next one: "The problem with banner Ads in these twenty years is that it is difficult to create another business model". This is about monetization.

Last one: "The difficulty of using the web because of banners. They slow down the web, they are not good for user experience"

Maybe this is a very romantic idea of what the web should be, don´t know, they say the internet has its own plans...

Anyway, this is not new. There are many people wishing to kill banners, whether they come from SocialMedia, Content Marketing, Native Advertising, UX, etc. Sometimes they want to sell their industry instead of display advertising, sometimes there are other reasons. I wouldn´t say banners are dying, I would say display advertising is evolving, and much more now than ever.

Some of Manjoo´s expectatives for banners possibly are in the trend for display advertising, we can see it clearly on november and december (everyone will be posting about trends). Manjoo says banners should be related to content, respecting user experience, creative (Ad Quality), effective, and with a new business Model. Maybe visibility can arrange that point. We´ll see.