Wednesday, 9 October 2013

iab publishes 2013 first six months´results October 2013

Just released: The IAB internet advertising revenue report.

So let´s concentrate on formats, probably one of the main topics of this blog:

There´s the rise of Mobile. Great! To be honest, I thought video percentage was going stronger. Hope iab video rising stars formats and video on mobile will make best risings. Thought I´m not sure if mobile video is counted as video, mobile or both. Display and Search have an increment and the others stay almost the same.

So it´s true! You definitely go for Mobile and digital video plus search and display. Well, usually it´s a combination of them in digital strategy. 

Here you can see the whole report:

MMA publishes Location Terminology Guide

Monday, 7 October 2013

Google Web Designer - Second Impressions

So, another example, this one using componentes:

Imagine you want to embed an iframe on a banner, just take the url of your microsite, in this case I take the FWA winner Google Trends, right here

So, you shall see something like this:
(I made this in less than a minute!)

Another example! 
Make a YouTube embedded banner:
I´m sorry for the AutoPlay, just wanted to remind everyone what I told about banners embedding youtube videos and counting views, yes or no.

Quite easy, just drag and drop youtube component, insert the url and title of the video, and you´re there.
You could also embed a Google Hangout in a banner.

A slideshow:
This is just the embedding of a photo project I made with JQuery Supersized me

What should you understand?
- What pages are: Same you did in Flash, if you had two different files for collapsed and expanded here you have two pages. Similar to Flash scenes
- What tags are.
- Events

See also: Google Web Designer - first impressions

Thursday, 3 October 2013

DFP launching Expandable Leaderboard (Careta) at and with html5

Yesterday, I was browsing and saw this Ad:

The Collapsed Ad: (it says "Come to Openbank and make it simple"

The Expanded Ad: (it says: Simplifying is making banners easy to close XXDD)

This is one of the most typical RichMedia Ads in Spain, an expandable leaderboard, usually 980x90-1005x100. Also similar Ads like this are launched in the mani publishers of Spain with little diferences on measures.

The thing is: This is the first one that I see in HTML5.

Launched by DFP, it´s just two animated gifs:

For the collapsed Ad (980x90):

For the expanded Ad (1005x1000):

So, if you go to DoubleClick RichMedia Gallery Formats, select HTML5, you will find:

Continue to "Expanding":

And click on instructions, what do you find?

Yes! It´s a .pdf with the instructions to make it on the Google Web Designer new Google Tool.

Also for



The deep question is: When is html5 overtaking Flash in RichMedia?
I´ll keep you posted about this ;D

Last Research on RichMedia

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