Monday, 30 September 2013

Google Web Designer - First Impressions

So just released today: Google Web Designer

Don´t know if this is a beta or what´s this for. As I see it, it´s a tool to make HTML animation Ads, probably for Desktop. I believe it can be used also for Tablet or Smartphone.

This is my firs revision, after half and hour playing with it. So this could help to fight Adobe plans to dominate web production for example. I can say that this tool is intuitive, easy and fast. That´s great!

Just once you open it, you´re asked to create a file, dimmensions, root files, all those things.

Second step: For example imagine you´re doing a banner 300x250. First look to the stage could seem Flash but once you interact with it, you realize it looks more like Adobe Photoshop for making animated gifs. You have key frames, you have time, you have text tools, components, colors. All is there

There´s also a code view, I must say I have just used the designer view, following my instinct, anyway, this could be for both designers, animators and programmers. Code´s clean, not as cool as sublime editor but it helps.

Next: Ok, just make some stupid banner and publish it. So you have there some options. Yes there is not IE (hahaha).

Some result I had (yeah I know it´s freak but just made in 10 minutes):

Features -
Community -
Forum -!forum/gwdbeta
Help -
Groups -!forum/gwdbeta
YouTube Channel -

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Innovation on Display Advertising

In Display Advertising when we talk about innovation, workflow can go in one of these ways:

- Publisher. The one that innovates with new formats. We are seeing this everyday, specially in american websites. More now with the irruption of native advertising (call it as you want) and also HTML5 formats. I´ve already written about MSN update on their formats, also I like very much what The Guardian is doing.

- Third party tech providers, adservers,  video platforms, etc. There are lots of gallery showcases where you can find hundreds of formats, examples, templates, etc.

- On third place: Innovation can come from creative agencies for the launch of their campaigns. Mostly related to interaction possibilities, irruption of Social Media combined with Display Ads, gamification of Ads. Some of this rarely seen, probably due to their high cost or due to the fact that this campaigns make things really out of the standard

- Fourth: Probably the most important: Innovation coming from organizations such as iab. In example we' ve seen contests on iab us,  iab uk. Also rising stars formats,  standarization of Vast and Vpaid. They are really playing hard at innovation. For example there are some formats winners of a contest and later standarized, see Cascade format for iab uk contest. Then we see the adaptation of the concept to differente formats (they way this format expands in panels is now seen also in a 300x250 ie).

So this is about actors. We can also talk about features.  tech and creative mainly: Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and Video formats seem to be in advance. There are also BrandDays always innovating, probably more seen due to their visibility at Home sites.

The question: What´s the trend now?
1- Video
2- DCO
3- MultiScreen
4- inApp
5- HTML5
6- Native Advertising
7- Personalization
8- Virality
9 - Mobile/Tablet 
10- RTB

No I wouldn´t say viewability is a trend right now, maybe it´s coming!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013