Thursday, 30 May 2013

Behind the banner

So finally I can explain my mother what is my work about

Here it is a nice presentation about "what´s behind the banner?" for cmsummit

It says:

This visualization was produced by CMSummit / BattelleMedia, underwritten by Adobe, designed and developed by The Office for Creative Research. Thank you to LUMA Partners for their thoughtful input, and the open source community for technologies powering this visualization: Three.js and Processing.

Sources: LUMAscape, LUMA Partners | U.S. Digital Future In Focus 2013, comScore | How Does Facebook Exchange Measure Up? eMarketer / Adroll

Thursday, 23 May 2013

15 Google Trends you may have missed in May

Really amazing news on Google since Google Congress I/O 2013, but not only there, also in Advertising and  experiments using Google APIS.

Gonna show you the news I really like, the visual ones!

For the user: Looks like an screensaver, but this is the new GoogleTrends:
 You can customize it right here

The new Google StreetView
The Monastery of St. John the Theologian on the Greek island of Patmos

The new Google Maps, just launched

Also Google+ update is great! For me the most amazing is about photos, for example to see the photos of any user, in this case Reg Saddler photos:

This is almost the same as Pinterest, the new flickr, blogs... The trend is about boxes!

The video about Google+ update

This is Timelapse project, by Time with Google technology

This is for GoogleNow

Also new, more related to Advertising, Chrome experiments of Google APIs:

Google Hyperlapse:

Google Chrome Super Sync Sports, FWA winner, Second Screen Game:

Peanut Gallery, using voice recognition and web speech API:

Art and Copy Code Trailer:

Google Breakout:

The launch of GoogleMusic:

Google Engagement Project from ThinkInsights:

Google YouTube Partner Program:

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

HTML5 for Digital Advertising

One of the main news this week comes from yesterday iab´s announcement: IAB publishes HTML5 for Digital Advertising (guidance for ad designers & creative technologists)

This is a draft, but you can see the article right here or just download here

Here is my quick view and comments at the document made by iab Ad Operations Council and iab Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence.

One of the main paragraphs I would underline would be this one:

"The demand for HTML5-formatted ads has increased as the promise for seamless operation across desktop computers and mobile devices is propagated in the marketplace. While HTML5 offers a rich rendering experience across devices, the scarcity of design tools requires additional expertise."

As we are already seeing lots of creative programmers and designers moving to HTML5 in big projects suchs as branding and promo microsites, it is the time now for Digital Advertising to move to HTML5.

So the article is really neutral and opened, what I like. It does not points out clearly what to use  (JQuery / JS Animation vs CSS Animation, Canvas and DOM Elements), gives good recommendations for Optimization of Ad Creative Packaging, indicates about IAB SafeFrame Solution, and frames per second.

In terms of Production, what´s happening?
There are some technologies with their own templates already prepared to launch any Ad with HTML5. What software is being used? I would talk about three or four:
- Adobe Edge Animate
- Tumult Hype
- Sencha Animator
- Motion Composer

Some references
IAB Ops Council
IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence
IAB Sameframe