Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Coastwalk: Playing with GoogleMaps API, Flickr and Javascript

So... As you probably know, I am better photographer than programmer. Anyway what I really like is combining both skills. 

This way, after making some photos, I made a flickr set for them, prepared some text and made something interactive about it. What did I discover? I would say:
 - Anything you want to do is already done
 - Google Maps API is awesome
 - Flickr also
 - Javascript is becoming more and more powerful

This is the introductory test about these series of photos: 

"Coastwalk is a reflection of beaches landscapes and luminosity. Sport, sea, summer, fishermen, turists.

Coastwalk is a line of points between places, landscapes, experiences and greetings.

Coastwalk is a photowalk along the beaches I used to go when I was a boy. A new meeting with something known, this time with a Reflex cam. 

Coastwalk is a summer itinerary made in several days. Walking along thirty kilometers from the beaches of Tapia de Casariego in Asturias to Barreiros, Foz, in Galicia. 

Coastwalk is a reflection of beaches landscapes and luminosity. Sport, sea, summer, fishermen, turists.

Coastwalk is blue, deep blue. Also green, white and yellow at sunset. 

Coastwalk is a selection of twelve photos out of a thousand, taken last summer."

Coastwalk implementation with Parallax, based on Greygoose 

See here

Probably out of date, but nice anyway. just prepare photos, thumbnails and texts. Really fast.

Coastwalk on Google Maps

Quite easy: Just go to your Google Account and create a new customized map, make it public and go. Take a look at the Google Maps API Developer Showcase.

Coastwalk Flickr Supersized 

See here

This is made with the JQuery Supersized plugin. You can connect easily a Flickr gallery set and display it with fullscreen and rwd

Coastwalk with Flickr Maps

See here

Just go to your Flickr account and make a map.

Coastwalk Flickr Set

See here

This is about displaying photos, justs from Flickr.

So, I made all these demos in just one day, the photos took more time, be sure ;D

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Design Salary Guide 2013

Just one week ago we read about the last Coroflot Design Salary Guide results:

You can see the  snapshot here and the full infographic right here.
For more info try here, you could even have the data from your own country.

Controversy is here when talking about job titles. What´s mine? That´s the question for many producers:

I have posted about controversy of job titles based on the CreativeGroup Salary Center