Thursday, 21 March 2013

Second Screen Advertising

There´s been a big talk about Second Screening lastly. My purpose here is to center the conversation on Second Screening for Display Advertising.

So probably you´ve seen great campaigns as AXE Interactive Angels, WonderBra Decoder or SuperBowl Ads. These ones have to do with SmartPhones and QR Codes (see Flanagan blog), or SmartPhones with TV.

In terms of interaction, by now, we could think on many possible screens, which are:
- TV
- Desktop
- Smartphone
- Tablets
- Digital Walls

Probably we will have tomorrow watches, glasses, brazalets or whatever. So you can make second screen Apps or Second Screen Advertising combining two or more possible screens. By now, in my opinion second screen is centered on interaction with TV. In fact, display advertising is getting in the GRP metrics model instead of impressions.

Let´s center on digital campaigns with two actors: Desktop + Smartphone. Could be also Desktop + Tablet, or even a TV if you can surf on a TV.

The following Ad was done for the last film of James Bond, Skyfall. Made by Spinnaker for OMD with DoubleClick RichMedia technology. It was launched in a YouTube Masthead. So, click in the image and experience about it.

There are more Ads like this as Channel Connect where you can play Digital Invaders. Similar to Mobile Chrome Experiments or The ping-pon Hangout, the amazing spiderman, etc. There are hundreds!

How would you make this Ad?
1- You make a game and make a microsite, that´s what you will connect
2- Before your game starts , you have a QRCode generator on your flash/html5 movie.
3- Once you generate the unique QR, the user can scan it, so you make the connection between the smartphone/tablet with the desktop
4- So the communication between the smartphone/tablet with the microsite in the desktop can be made with node.js or websockets. There are more options also. You should use and AdServer for both the banner and microsite (imagine hundred thousands of people making petitions...)
5- Finally you just have to put in the banner what the user is doing. There´s a latency of some miliseconds, it depends on user connection to the internet

There´s an interview with these guys with Google Creative Sandbox about the production of the Ad.You can see the HangOut right here:

So, there will be plenty of Ads like this coming, probably they will be replaced once Gesture Control is in our lives, but that for now is only a trend.

+ info on Second Screening
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Spinnaker - Skyfall
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More insights about Second Screen:

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Microsoft Advertising: Digital Academy

With the launch of Windows8, there´s also a good initiative from

This is about formation! We did know about similar initiatives such as Display University from AOL.

So, there are about eight courses: Digital, MSN, Targeting, Ad Exchanges, Measurement, Video, Search, Mobile, Skype and Xbox.

Every course is interactive, built in html5 although no responsive. You can surf with the menu, there are videos, you have a quiz at the end of every lesson. Looks nice!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Demystifying the Evolution of Rich Media Metrics

Ryan K Manchee, @rmanchee, director of Innovations Strategy from DG (previously known as MediaMind, previously known as Eyeblaster) talking on RichMedia Metrics

Monday, 11 March 2013

Last Researchs on RichMedia

A compilation of last researchs involving RichMedia / Display Advertising
I have read them all. There are some related to formats, metrics, interaction, engagement, etc. Anyone reading these documents can have a good understanding of Display Advertising Markets.

-         IAB Rising Stars phase2
-         Mediamind, Hassan Khan
-         AOL - Tablets of Change 

This one is the one I really enjoy