Tuesday, 26 February 2013

IAB Digital Video Rising Stars

Since 2010 IAB has been promoting a new formats known as Rising Stars.
the first release was for the Display Rising Stars, second for Mobile Rising Stars, now we have Video Rising Stars.

So, what´s this for?
I have presented all these formats for Advertisers and Media Agencies. I can say IAB Rising Stars are a good sales business argument for RichMedia Ads. Mainly for big agencies and advertisers, when you talk to small business they look at you from the distance. I would say, this formats, by now, are being served mainly for big budgets.

Also I have seen some doubt on Rising Stars market adoption: AdWeek: Only a third of Marketers aware of IAB Risign Stars unit, or AdWeek: IAB Rising Stars shine but on the horizon.

In terms of Display Rising Stars I can say the adoption is slow but growing, for this benchmarks and researchs from companies as eConsultancy, Nielsen, ComsCore, Forrester and ThinkWithGoogle may help better than me.

There are also other formats, not Display Rising Stars, with a higher tax adoption, at least in my country, Spain. Mainly what we call here Billboard or VeryBigBanner is the star format of Publishers. Probably due to its visibility and premium space.

For Mobile, I think we have not had time enough to make any conclussion. I just can say Mobile is a jungle, and I like it! I mean, there will always be standard formats but the possibility to innovate is always opened, and is bigger in a growing industry such as mobile/tablet advertising.

For Video, as long as I can see, these are six formats, but there are hundreds, video online has great possibilities and innovation is happening everyday. Any article or report you read form eMarketer for example, tells us about video advertising as a trend for 2013.

So, let´s have a look!

Reel of the six winner formats

Description: Scrollable, multipanel, horizontal unit, much like “The Filmstrip” Display and Mobile Standard Ad Units  

Why selected: Richly engaging experience with tons of content possibilities delivered in page with users fully in control

Description: Sitting above the player controls, an elegant interface allowing viewers to engage in multiple ways, if they so choose
Why selected: Allows any ad to be interactive without affecting video ad content

Description: Rich ad content overlaid on video, changing in sync with video ad content
Why selected: Targets and invites interaction at the most appropriate moments

Description: Allows viewer to choose to continue viewing ad content
Why selected: Provides opportunity for deep video engagement, with permission

Description: Invites viewer to interact and then fills player with a full canvas of interaction possibilities including more video, social and catalogs, among other features
Why selected: Allows for an immersive, in-page ad experience, with users in control

So, if you want all the Rising Stars Package:
Digital Video RisingStars
Mobile Rising Stars
Display Rising Stars
More info

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Display Advertising Trends

So, we went to the IAB Spain and made a talk about Display Advertising Trends.

First part was about format classification, second about Ad Efectiveness.

It was a nice experiences all these research. Hope you like!