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Salary in Digital Advertisement

Yesterday was published the 2013 Salary Guide by TheCreativeGroup.

There are two important things about it, first the definitions of the posts, specially related to skills required. I don´t believe there are pure profiles as defined here, but it´s really interesting. Second, the info and predictions about salary in digital advertisement in the US.  Anyway, whether you have a good job or are outside the US you should have a look at this to see the trend.

So you finally can tell your mother what you do at your agency (yes, I´m tired of having a work as Chandler from Friends, nobody understands what I do!)

Design and Production

Creative Director
Leads and irects creative staffin the production of all advertising and marketing collateral; ensures visual communication standards are met across various media; and meets with clients or upper management to explain campaign strategies and solutions. A stron design or copywriting background is preferred. May requier five to eight years of experience, as well as advanced leadership, communication, project management and problem-solving skills

Graphic Designer
Develops or acquires images used in a variety of creative projects (advertisements, brochures, corporate identitiy, packaging, presentations, websites, signage, etc.) and oversees the design, layout and formatting of these materials. Must have a strong sense of concept development, in addition to communication, research, problem-solving and prsentation skills. Proficiency in design software is required.

Conceptualizes, paints and draws images used in a variety of materials and publications. Must be able to convert complex and abstract ideas into compelling visuals and may specialize in areas such as technical, medical, architectural, scientific or cartoon illustrations. In addition to artistic skills, may require knowledge of design software.

Production Manager
Oversees completion of a wide variety of projects. Typical duties include project planning, workflow managemente, vendor negotiation, print buying, cost and quality control, logistical coordination, and press checks. Requires project management skills and knowledge of design software.


Fron-End Web Developer
Builds web-based applications and collaborates with designers to turn static art into browser-based web pages. Other duties include writing web pages ina a combination of languages and working with back-end developers to test technical solutions. Must be proficient in web technologies and user interface (UI design).

Information Architect
Works with clients to help define content strategy and design features for their websites. Typical duties include creating wireframes, site maps, schematics, feature lists, mockups, visual specifications, working prototypes and other tools to describe the intended user experience. Through knowledge of site design, UI design processes and methodology, and information architecture-related software are required. An advanced degree in human-computer interaction, user experience or a a related field is often required.

User Experience, UX Designer
Responsible for designing satisfying or complelling experiences for users of a product, often drawind on results from user research and workflow analysis. May be responsible for produciong personas, usage scenarios, site maps, taxonomies and wireframes, and conducting usabilty testing on prototypes or finished products to assess the quality of a user experience. Must have expert understanding of graphic design and web technologies.

Web Designer
Creates concepts, artwork and layouts for Internet and intranet sites and other online projects based on creative briefs and client meetings. Must be familiar with web protocols and markup languages and have a stron understanding of web deisgn issues, including browser usability an cross-platform compatibility. Requires design and trouble-shooting skills, as well as an eye for detail.

Content development & management

Copy Editor
Edits copy to correct errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax, and rewrites copy to clarify meaning or conform to style guidelines and editorial policies. requires an eye for detail and expert knowledge of grammar and style, as well as proficiency with traditional proofreader´s marks and editing and reviewing functions of pdf and word processing software.

Develops concepts and writes copy for a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns and other promotional materials, including web copy, annual reports, executive bylines and speeches, direct mailers, and catalogs. Requires strong writing skills, creativity, attention to detail, markeging knowledge and the ability to write for various formats.

Web Content Writer
Writes clear and compelling online content that is optimized for the web, including articles, product descriptions, promotional copy, e-newsletters and blogs. Edits and repurposes existing print copy for the web, and plans and crafts email marketing campaigns. Requires stron writing and editing skills, as well as experience with markup languages and search engine optimization.

Advertising and Marketing

Account Executive
Helps existing clients develop marketing and communications strategies. Also responsible for business development, as well as the successful and timely completion of projects ranging from nees product launches to print, web, mobile, tv and radio advertiserments. Excellent interpersonal, customer service and organizational skills are required.

Brand/Product Manager
Plans, develops and implements brand strategies and marketing programs for a particular business or product. Typical duties include providing branding direction, developing and executing brand marketing programs, reviewing market research to anticipate industry trends, and translating consumer attitutdes into new branding directions. Requires communication, ldeadership, team-building and analytical skills.

SEO/SEM Specialist
Responisble for formalizing search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) strategies and tactics. Typical duties include analyzing website traffica and providing strategies for improvement, developing SEI website assessments and recommendations and translating them into technical requirementes, and providing SEI guyidance in tehnical areas such as server infrastructure, website structure and page construction. In-depth knoledge of SEO and online media is required.

Social Media Specialist
Responsible for defining and executing a specific socila media strategy, as well as cultivating and mnaging branded online communities on the company´s bhalf. Ecellent writing and editing skills for multiple m edia channels are required, as is a stron customer service mindset.

Public Relations

Account Manager
Manages client relationships within an agency and helps develop public relations (PR) strategies. May supervise multiple teams of account executives and coordinators. Requires excellent communication, project management, customer service, organizational and leadership skills.

Public Relations Manager
Implements and oversees strategies to enhance an organization´s public image. Typical duties include establishing relationships with the media and generating positive publicity by ptiching stories to reporters and bloggers, managing social media efforts, and overseeing the production of internal and external materials (press release, brochures, newsletters, etc.). Requires excellent communications skills and the ability to work well under prssure and on tight deadlines. A journalism or agency background may be preferred.

Vice President of Public Relations
Supervises all PR and corporate communications activities within an organization. Works with company executives to create an overall PR strategy, establishes and monitors the PR budget, and supervises PR staff to ensure implementation of initiatives. Requires 10 or more years of PR experience, as well as exceptional leadership, managerial and communication skills.

Before going on, I strongly recommend to have a look to all new post names in "The most meaningless (and hilarious) job titles on LinkedIn" Really fun! (see also There Are 181,000 Social Media 'Gurus,' 'Ninjas,' 'Masters,' and 'Mavens' on Twitter)

About the salaries:

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Does it fix to you?

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