Wednesday, 12 June 2013

YouTube view counts on embeded videos

The Fact: YouTube videos embed on Ads

So, here after a little controversy related to Display Advertising. There is a lot about embedding YouTube videos in RichMedia an Video Advertising.

If you take a look at takeovers, mastheads and wallpaper Ads, most of them have YouTube videos embedded. This is made not only by DoubleClick (Google is the owner of YouTube), but also by main RichMedia providers:

The Question: Does it count views on YouTube Channels?

There are plenty of brands asking the same question:
If I have a YouTube video embedded on an Ad, does it count views on my brand channel?

Usually you can use your RichMedia provider component for video. What´s the reason to do this? I don´t think it is to save AdServing cost. It has to be with Social Media, engagement and the impact of YouTube in Video Advertising. Well there are some campaigns measured by the number of YouTube views. So you could have you BrandChannel, in this way Display Advertising is another way to promote it.

The Answer: YouTube videos embedded count as view only when they have no Autoplay

So, after a long search, I have the answer. You can check out the answers directly from Google in several places:

"The definition of the playVideo function has been updated to note that YouTube only counts playbacks that are initiated through a native play button in either the embedded or chromeless player".

IMPORTANT:. YouTube video views will ONLY count if a user interacts with the default YouTube play button which appears in the middle of the creative or the play button on the default control menu in the bottom left corner of the player. Autoplay videos will not count.

The YouTube Video Player allows masthead video views to count directly toward overall YouTube brand channel video views. For the YouTube view to count, the user must click to start the video using the standard YouTube play button. Autoplay videos don’t count toward YouTube views.

 So, this is not counting as the video has AutoPlay:

This is counting, the video has no AutoPlay:

What to do from here?

There are many options to embed a YouTube video: RichMedia Provider component, html object and Chromeless Player. For anyone you use, I would say, if you want Engagement, play the video! If you want to count views, just launch it without Autoplay. It´s easy.

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