Wednesday, 5 June 2013

MSN updates online Advertising specs

One of the leaders in innovation in Online Advertising which I particularly admire is Microsoft Advertising. They have just updated all specs for online Advertising at

So, what we find now is a menu with five possibilities:

Products (Ad Solutions, Ad Formats, Creative Specs, Policies)
Brands (MSN,, XBox, Bing, Skype, Windows 8)
Knowledge (Research, Training)
News (News, Newsletter)

In section Products, for Ad Solutions you will find eight different items: Display Advertising, Ads in Apps, Xbox, Network and Exchange, Search Advertising, Video, Mobile, Audiences. Well, everyone in Online Advertising is talking about audience right now, not only in the way RTB does, but also for the battle of the screens.

Concerning Display Advertising (ruling this blog!), we find six submenus: Multi-Screen, Rich Media, Display Ad Targeting, Social, Brand Integration, Yarn. This last one I´m not sure what it is, looks like a creative tech lab helping customers to do great Ads. There´s a text about engagement, probably MSN sites are the most appropiate for branding and innovation. 

If you move to next tab, there´s Ad Formats. We find there main ones: 3D Cube, Banner, Button, Expanding Graphic, Expanding HTML, Full Screen , IAB Billboard, IAB Filmstrip, IAB Pushdown, IAB Sidekick, IAB Slider, Interactive Panel, Push Out, Rectangle, Skyscraper and Textlink. Good chance! Thought 

I miss here IAB Video Rising Stars (for mobile I still consider is as a jungle, so lets give them a minute!)

Third tab for Products is Creative Specs. Previously each country had its specs. I think it is a great idea to have all together. By now there are 94 formats. Before, we had these cathegories: Mobile, Standard, Standard Rich Media, MSN Homepage, Premium Rich Media, Textlink, Video Player Ad, Sponsorship. Now this has been reorganized as follows:

Here you are the full list with specs:

Expanding Ad 
Float to Rectangle
Fox Sports Non-Pushdown Ribbon
Fox Sports Pushdown
Glo In-Page Ad
Homepage Shopping Module
Homepage Standard Ad
IAB Billboard
IAB Filmstrip (300x600)
IAB Portrait
IAB Pushdown
IAB Sidekick
IAB Slider
In-Page Ad
Mobile Banner
Mobile Rich Media for Apps and Browse
MSN Autos Decision Guide
MSN Autos Ghost Compare
MSN Autos New Car Showcase
MSN Channel Textlink
MSN Channels Brand Integration Skin
MSN Delish Site Skin
MSN Delish: Sidekick
MSN Entertainment Glider
MSN Entertainment Interactive Panel
MSN Entertainment Peelback
MSN Entertainment Skin Deluxe
MSN Entertainment Skin Deluxe with Overlay
MSN Entertainment Skin Deluxe with Pushdown
MSN Entertainment Skin Lite
MSN Fitbie Peelback
MSN Fitbie Pushdown (Sliver)
MSN Fitbie Sidekick
MSN Fitbie Site Skin
MSN Homepage 300x60/300x120 Ad
MSN Homepage Click to Full Screen
MSN Homepage Halfpage Ad - NL/NL
MSN Homepage Peelback Ad
MSN Homepage Rich Media - IAB Filmstrip 300x250
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x250 Expanding
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x250 Expanding with Float
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x250 Float
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x250 In-Banner Video
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x250 Interactive
MSN Homepage Ridh Media: 300x250 Non User-Initiated Video
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x250 Push Out Ad
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x600 Magnetic Canvas
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x600 Storyboard
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x600 Swell
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 3D Interactive Page
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 958x70 Sliver
MSN Homepage Rich Media: Billboard
MSN Homepage Rich Media: Billboard Expand
MSN Homepage Rich Media: Glider
MSN Homepage Rich Media: IAB Filmstrip
MSN Homepage Rich Media: Interactive Panel
MSN Homepage Rich Media: Page Reveal
MSN Homepage Rich Media: Sidekick 300x250
MSN Homepage Rich Media: Takeover with Float
MSN Homepage Rich Media: User-Initiated Skin
MSN Homepage Standard Rich Media
MSN Money Broker Center Text Links
MSN Money Quote box Everywhere Text Links
MSN Money Site Skin
MSN Money Skin Deluxe with Overlay
MSN Page Reveal
MSN Rich Media: 3D Page Cube
MSN Rich Media: Billboard Expand
MSN Rich Media: Swell
MSN US Homepage Rich Media: 300x120 Super Expanding
MSN US Homepage Rich Media: User-Initiated 3D Page Cube
MSNBC Ad Slice / NBC Digital 300x1050
MSNBC Big Banner
MSNBC Marketplace / Resource Guide Textlink
MSNBC Resource Guide
MSNBC Text Ad with Logo
People Powered Stores
Skype - Click to Full Screen
Skype - IAB Filmstrip 300x250
Skype - 300x250 24 hr Takeover Non-Expanding Ad
Skype 300x250 Conversation Ad
Skype 300x250 Expanding Ad
Skype Masthead Expanding Ad
Skype Masthead Non-Expanding Ad
Standard Ad
Standard Microsoft Media Network Ad
Universal Video Asset (UVA) - Freewheel Markets
versaTiles Catalogue
versaTiles Media Showcase
versaTiles Online Retailer
Wonderwall and Wonderwall Latino Pushdown (Sliver)

What else? You should pay attention to all Skype formats. Nice ones, and not really too intrusive. Every Messenger format are now deprecated (OMG there were really painful!)

Maybe I miss some kind of visual help as Yahoo does, so you don´t need to download specs to see what´s the format about. In terms of design, I really like how they´ve done here!

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