Thursday, 23 May 2013

15 Google Trends you may have missed in May

Really amazing news on Google since Google Congress I/O 2013, but not only there, also in Advertising and  experiments using Google APIS.

Gonna show you the news I really like, the visual ones!

For the user: Looks like an screensaver, but this is the new GoogleTrends:
 You can customize it right here

The new Google StreetView
The Monastery of St. John the Theologian on the Greek island of Patmos

The new Google Maps, just launched

Also Google+ update is great! For me the most amazing is about photos, for example to see the photos of any user, in this case Reg Saddler photos:

This is almost the same as Pinterest, the new flickr, blogs... The trend is about boxes!

The video about Google+ update

This is Timelapse project, by Time with Google technology

This is for GoogleNow

Also new, more related to Advertising, Chrome experiments of Google APIs:

Google Hyperlapse:

Google Chrome Super Sync Sports, FWA winner, Second Screen Game:

Peanut Gallery, using voice recognition and web speech API:

Art and Copy Code Trailer:

Google Breakout:

The launch of GoogleMusic:

Google Engagement Project from ThinkInsights:

Google YouTube Partner Program:
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