Thursday, 19 December 2013

2014 iMediaConnection Predictions

As a follower of iMediaConnection, hereby a compilation of ten videos inteviewing important people on Display Advertising about 2014 predictions. These predictions are: Creativity, Aliens, Smartphones, Collaboration, Video, Native Advertising, Massive growth in social, Personalization, Location-based media, Smartwatch and Mobile

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Html Banners from Scratch

This is an example of a banner Ad created from scratch

This weights 355 kb, but I´m using a .png for the big image, if I do it with a .gif, it just doesn´t reach 100 kb. I could optimize of course.

Also it could be launched as an standard banner or as a conventional

For the art, I´m taking the illustrations of the team from Stress, this is a creative agency from Spain, we usually collaborate daily. Instead of loading 17 images from portraits, I just load one with all of them so as to move it.

So, I´m just using a long strip with all illustrations like this:

Also a .png for the logo of the company
And the colors is just animating the background color

In the code I´m just using:
- GSAP TweenLite (CSSPlugin, EasePack and TweenLite)
- Screenad API from Weborama: This is for positioning the banner and have metrics.

This is my code:

You can see the code here at:

I could use better timelinelite for the animation.
See Greenshock  GSAP JS for tweening

Monday, 11 November 2013

New videos from Shingerviews (AOL) from AdWeek13

David Shing, AOL's digital prophet, speaks with David Droga of Droga5. Shingerviews take you on a whirlwind tour of big ideas on everything from architecture to zen with some of the world’s most imaginative minds

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

iab publishes 2013 first six months´results October 2013

Just released: The IAB internet advertising revenue report.

So let´s concentrate on formats, probably one of the main topics of this blog:

There´s the rise of Mobile. Great! To be honest, I thought video percentage was going stronger. Hope iab video rising stars formats and video on mobile will make best risings. Thought I´m not sure if mobile video is counted as video, mobile or both. Display and Search have an increment and the others stay almost the same.

So it´s true! You definitely go for Mobile and digital video plus search and display. Well, usually it´s a combination of them in digital strategy. 

Here you can see the whole report:

MMA publishes Location Terminology Guide

Monday, 7 October 2013

Google Web Designer - Second Impressions

So, another example, this one using componentes:

Imagine you want to embed an iframe on a banner, just take the url of your microsite, in this case I take the FWA winner Google Trends, right here

So, you shall see something like this:
(I made this in less than a minute!)

Another example! 
Make a YouTube embedded banner:
I´m sorry for the AutoPlay, just wanted to remind everyone what I told about banners embedding youtube videos and counting views, yes or no.

Quite easy, just drag and drop youtube component, insert the url and title of the video, and you´re there.
You could also embed a Google Hangout in a banner.

A slideshow:
This is just the embedding of a photo project I made with JQuery Supersized me

What should you understand?
- What pages are: Same you did in Flash, if you had two different files for collapsed and expanded here you have two pages. Similar to Flash scenes
- What tags are.
- Events

See also: Google Web Designer - first impressions

Thursday, 3 October 2013

DFP launching Expandable Leaderboard (Careta) at and with html5

Yesterday, I was browsing and saw this Ad:

The Collapsed Ad: (it says "Come to Openbank and make it simple"

The Expanded Ad: (it says: Simplifying is making banners easy to close XXDD)

This is one of the most typical RichMedia Ads in Spain, an expandable leaderboard, usually 980x90-1005x100. Also similar Ads like this are launched in the mani publishers of Spain with little diferences on measures.

The thing is: This is the first one that I see in HTML5.

Launched by DFP, it´s just two animated gifs:

For the collapsed Ad (980x90):

For the expanded Ad (1005x1000):

So, if you go to DoubleClick RichMedia Gallery Formats, select HTML5, you will find:

Continue to "Expanding":

And click on instructions, what do you find?

Yes! It´s a .pdf with the instructions to make it on the Google Web Designer new Google Tool.

Also for



The deep question is: When is html5 overtaking Flash in RichMedia?
I´ll keep you posted about this ;D

Last Research on RichMedia

There are more, but these three really interesting!

The RichMedia Revolution: Why the Path to Engagement begins and ends with online video

Unlocking the html5 opportunity: What´s the holdup?

Ooyala Q3 2013 Video Index

Monday, 30 September 2013

Google Web Designer - First Impressions

So just released today: Google Web Designer

Don´t know if this is a beta or what´s this for. As I see it, it´s a tool to make HTML animation Ads, probably for Desktop. I believe it can be used also for Tablet or Smartphone.

This is my firs revision, after half and hour playing with it. So this could help to fight Adobe plans to dominate web production for example. I can say that this tool is intuitive, easy and fast. That´s great!

Just once you open it, you´re asked to create a file, dimmensions, root files, all those things.

Second step: For example imagine you´re doing a banner 300x250. First look to the stage could seem Flash but once you interact with it, you realize it looks more like Adobe Photoshop for making animated gifs. You have key frames, you have time, you have text tools, components, colors. All is there

There´s also a code view, I must say I have just used the designer view, following my instinct, anyway, this could be for both designers, animators and programmers. Code´s clean, not as cool as sublime editor but it helps.

Next: Ok, just make some stupid banner and publish it. So you have there some options. Yes there is not IE (hahaha).

Some result I had (yeah I know it´s freak but just made in 10 minutes):

Features -
Community -
Forum -!forum/gwdbeta
Help -
Groups -!forum/gwdbeta
YouTube Channel -

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Innovation on Display Advertising

In Display Advertising when we talk about innovation, workflow can go in one of these ways:

- Publisher. The one that innovates with new formats. We are seeing this everyday, specially in american websites. More now with the irruption of native advertising (call it as you want) and also HTML5 formats. I´ve already written about MSN update on their formats, also I like very much what The Guardian is doing.

- Third party tech providers, adservers,  video platforms, etc. There are lots of gallery showcases where you can find hundreds of formats, examples, templates, etc.

- On third place: Innovation can come from creative agencies for the launch of their campaigns. Mostly related to interaction possibilities, irruption of Social Media combined with Display Ads, gamification of Ads. Some of this rarely seen, probably due to their high cost or due to the fact that this campaigns make things really out of the standard

- Fourth: Probably the most important: Innovation coming from organizations such as iab. In example we' ve seen contests on iab us,  iab uk. Also rising stars formats,  standarization of Vast and Vpaid. They are really playing hard at innovation. For example there are some formats winners of a contest and later standarized, see Cascade format for iab uk contest. Then we see the adaptation of the concept to differente formats (they way this format expands in panels is now seen also in a 300x250 ie).

So this is about actors. We can also talk about features.  tech and creative mainly: Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and Video formats seem to be in advance. There are also BrandDays always innovating, probably more seen due to their visibility at Home sites.

The question: What´s the trend now?
1- Video
2- DCO
3- MultiScreen
4- inApp
5- HTML5
6- Native Advertising
7- Personalization
8- Virality
9 - Mobile/Tablet 
10- RTB

No I wouldn´t say viewability is a trend right now, maybe it´s coming!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

iab - Be Persistent, Colorful, Short, Valuable - Be Google, Be Microsoft

If you already have read the last recommendations for Creativity in Mobile Advertising (manifesto), you have come up with this image:

If you see the logo and compare with Windows 8 one:

Some resemblance? Let´s see now Google logo:

Just coincidence? Hope so!

What about the words?  Be Persistent, Colorful, Short, Valuable. Looks like Bruce Lee campaign "Be water my friend":

So, there´s a subliminal message here: Buy a Google or Windows Phone and put it into the water and you will be really creative, and maybe Bruce Lee!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

DoubleClick on VideoAdvertising

There are two more studies from Google DoubleClick about Video Advertising:

The Rise of the viewer choice

New Ways of Buying and Selling Video Ads: The Programmatic Channel

You can check it out at Google Video ThinkInsights

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

YouTube view counts on embeded videos

The Fact: YouTube videos embed on Ads

So, here after a little controversy related to Display Advertising. There is a lot about embedding YouTube videos in RichMedia an Video Advertising.

If you take a look at takeovers, mastheads and wallpaper Ads, most of them have YouTube videos embedded. This is made not only by DoubleClick (Google is the owner of YouTube), but also by main RichMedia providers:

The Question: Does it count views on YouTube Channels?

There are plenty of brands asking the same question:
If I have a YouTube video embedded on an Ad, does it count views on my brand channel?

Usually you can use your RichMedia provider component for video. What´s the reason to do this? I don´t think it is to save AdServing cost. It has to be with Social Media, engagement and the impact of YouTube in Video Advertising. Well there are some campaigns measured by the number of YouTube views. So you could have you BrandChannel, in this way Display Advertising is another way to promote it.

The Answer: YouTube videos embedded count as view only when they have no Autoplay

So, after a long search, I have the answer. You can check out the answers directly from Google in several places:

"The definition of the playVideo function has been updated to note that YouTube only counts playbacks that are initiated through a native play button in either the embedded or chromeless player".

IMPORTANT:. YouTube video views will ONLY count if a user interacts with the default YouTube play button which appears in the middle of the creative or the play button on the default control menu in the bottom left corner of the player. Autoplay videos will not count.

The YouTube Video Player allows masthead video views to count directly toward overall YouTube brand channel video views. For the YouTube view to count, the user must click to start the video using the standard YouTube play button. Autoplay videos don’t count toward YouTube views.

 So, this is not counting as the video has AutoPlay:

This is counting, the video has no AutoPlay:

What to do from here?

There are many options to embed a YouTube video: RichMedia Provider component, html object and Chromeless Player. For anyone you use, I would say, if you want Engagement, play the video! If you want to count views, just launch it without Autoplay. It´s easy.

YouTube Resources

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

MSN updates online Advertising specs

One of the leaders in innovation in Online Advertising which I particularly admire is Microsoft Advertising. They have just updated all specs for online Advertising at

So, what we find now is a menu with five possibilities:

Products (Ad Solutions, Ad Formats, Creative Specs, Policies)
Brands (MSN,, XBox, Bing, Skype, Windows 8)
Knowledge (Research, Training)
News (News, Newsletter)

In section Products, for Ad Solutions you will find eight different items: Display Advertising, Ads in Apps, Xbox, Network and Exchange, Search Advertising, Video, Mobile, Audiences. Well, everyone in Online Advertising is talking about audience right now, not only in the way RTB does, but also for the battle of the screens.

Concerning Display Advertising (ruling this blog!), we find six submenus: Multi-Screen, Rich Media, Display Ad Targeting, Social, Brand Integration, Yarn. This last one I´m not sure what it is, looks like a creative tech lab helping customers to do great Ads. There´s a text about engagement, probably MSN sites are the most appropiate for branding and innovation. 

If you move to next tab, there´s Ad Formats. We find there main ones: 3D Cube, Banner, Button, Expanding Graphic, Expanding HTML, Full Screen , IAB Billboard, IAB Filmstrip, IAB Pushdown, IAB Sidekick, IAB Slider, Interactive Panel, Push Out, Rectangle, Skyscraper and Textlink. Good chance! Thought 

I miss here IAB Video Rising Stars (for mobile I still consider is as a jungle, so lets give them a minute!)

Third tab for Products is Creative Specs. Previously each country had its specs. I think it is a great idea to have all together. By now there are 94 formats. Before, we had these cathegories: Mobile, Standard, Standard Rich Media, MSN Homepage, Premium Rich Media, Textlink, Video Player Ad, Sponsorship. Now this has been reorganized as follows:

Here you are the full list with specs:

Expanding Ad 
Float to Rectangle
Fox Sports Non-Pushdown Ribbon
Fox Sports Pushdown
Glo In-Page Ad
Homepage Shopping Module
Homepage Standard Ad
IAB Billboard
IAB Filmstrip (300x600)
IAB Portrait
IAB Pushdown
IAB Sidekick
IAB Slider
In-Page Ad
Mobile Banner
Mobile Rich Media for Apps and Browse
MSN Autos Decision Guide
MSN Autos Ghost Compare
MSN Autos New Car Showcase
MSN Channel Textlink
MSN Channels Brand Integration Skin
MSN Delish Site Skin
MSN Delish: Sidekick
MSN Entertainment Glider
MSN Entertainment Interactive Panel
MSN Entertainment Peelback
MSN Entertainment Skin Deluxe
MSN Entertainment Skin Deluxe with Overlay
MSN Entertainment Skin Deluxe with Pushdown
MSN Entertainment Skin Lite
MSN Fitbie Peelback
MSN Fitbie Pushdown (Sliver)
MSN Fitbie Sidekick
MSN Fitbie Site Skin
MSN Homepage 300x60/300x120 Ad
MSN Homepage Click to Full Screen
MSN Homepage Halfpage Ad - NL/NL
MSN Homepage Peelback Ad
MSN Homepage Rich Media - IAB Filmstrip 300x250
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x250 Expanding
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x250 Expanding with Float
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x250 Float
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x250 In-Banner Video
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x250 Interactive
MSN Homepage Ridh Media: 300x250 Non User-Initiated Video
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x250 Push Out Ad
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x600 Magnetic Canvas
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x600 Storyboard
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 300x600 Swell
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 3D Interactive Page
MSN Homepage Rich Media: 958x70 Sliver
MSN Homepage Rich Media: Billboard
MSN Homepage Rich Media: Billboard Expand
MSN Homepage Rich Media: Glider
MSN Homepage Rich Media: IAB Filmstrip
MSN Homepage Rich Media: Interactive Panel
MSN Homepage Rich Media: Page Reveal
MSN Homepage Rich Media: Sidekick 300x250
MSN Homepage Rich Media: Takeover with Float
MSN Homepage Rich Media: User-Initiated Skin
MSN Homepage Standard Rich Media
MSN Money Broker Center Text Links
MSN Money Quote box Everywhere Text Links
MSN Money Site Skin
MSN Money Skin Deluxe with Overlay
MSN Page Reveal
MSN Rich Media: 3D Page Cube
MSN Rich Media: Billboard Expand
MSN Rich Media: Swell
MSN US Homepage Rich Media: 300x120 Super Expanding
MSN US Homepage Rich Media: User-Initiated 3D Page Cube
MSNBC Ad Slice / NBC Digital 300x1050
MSNBC Big Banner
MSNBC Marketplace / Resource Guide Textlink
MSNBC Resource Guide
MSNBC Text Ad with Logo
People Powered Stores
Skype - Click to Full Screen
Skype - IAB Filmstrip 300x250
Skype - 300x250 24 hr Takeover Non-Expanding Ad
Skype 300x250 Conversation Ad
Skype 300x250 Expanding Ad
Skype Masthead Expanding Ad
Skype Masthead Non-Expanding Ad
Standard Ad
Standard Microsoft Media Network Ad
Universal Video Asset (UVA) - Freewheel Markets
versaTiles Catalogue
versaTiles Media Showcase
versaTiles Online Retailer
Wonderwall and Wonderwall Latino Pushdown (Sliver)

What else? You should pay attention to all Skype formats. Nice ones, and not really too intrusive. Every Messenger format are now deprecated (OMG there were really painful!)

Maybe I miss some kind of visual help as Yahoo does, so you don´t need to download specs to see what´s the format about. In terms of design, I really like how they´ve done here!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Explore the future of digital at thinkDoubleClick 2013

Just uploaded at What's the future of digital media and marketing? This is the key question senior executives from the digital advertising ecosystem will address at thinkDoubleClick, Google's annual executive 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Behind the banner

So finally I can explain my mother what is my work about

Here it is a nice presentation about "what´s behind the banner?" for cmsummit

It says:

This visualization was produced by CMSummit / BattelleMedia, underwritten by Adobe, designed and developed by The Office for Creative Research. Thank you to LUMA Partners for their thoughtful input, and the open source community for technologies powering this visualization: Three.js and Processing.

Sources: LUMAscape, LUMA Partners | U.S. Digital Future In Focus 2013, comScore | How Does Facebook Exchange Measure Up? eMarketer / Adroll

Thursday, 23 May 2013

15 Google Trends you may have missed in May

Really amazing news on Google since Google Congress I/O 2013, but not only there, also in Advertising and  experiments using Google APIS.

Gonna show you the news I really like, the visual ones!

For the user: Looks like an screensaver, but this is the new GoogleTrends:
 You can customize it right here

The new Google StreetView
The Monastery of St. John the Theologian on the Greek island of Patmos

The new Google Maps, just launched

Also Google+ update is great! For me the most amazing is about photos, for example to see the photos of any user, in this case Reg Saddler photos:

This is almost the same as Pinterest, the new flickr, blogs... The trend is about boxes!

The video about Google+ update

This is Timelapse project, by Time with Google technology

This is for GoogleNow

Also new, more related to Advertising, Chrome experiments of Google APIs:

Google Hyperlapse:

Google Chrome Super Sync Sports, FWA winner, Second Screen Game:

Peanut Gallery, using voice recognition and web speech API:

Art and Copy Code Trailer:

Google Breakout:

The launch of GoogleMusic:

Google Engagement Project from ThinkInsights:

Google YouTube Partner Program: