Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Adobe Edge Animate 1.0

So here it is! The answer of Adobe about hmtl animation:

This one looks like a stable version (there are 7 previous versions)
- Adobe Animate version notes

Online Resources:
- Adobe Animate help
- Adobe Animate on AdobeTV
- Edge Animate Forum Support
- Showcase
- Adobe Edge Animate Javascript API

All these works under Adobe Creative Cloud. The great news is that this version is free.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Adobe Edge Animate Resources

So, If you like animating, are used to Flash, and want to dominate both Flash and HTML5 animation you should take a look at the new Adobe Edge Animate 7, its resources and useful links:

Download Adobe Edge Animate Preview 7 (This time the trial period lasts for 51 days)
Adobe Edge Animate Showcase
Adobe Edge Animate Resources (I should say this is the definitive guide)
Adobe TV on Adobe Edge Project and here
Adobe Edge Animate JavaScript API 
Adobe Forums > Edge Animate
Also take a look at Joseph Labrecque YouTube Channel:

Follow Adobe 
On Twitter:
Edge Animate on Twitter
Joseph Labrecque on Twitter

Hope you like it!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Microsoft Adverytising Story Awards Presentation

Here´s the slideshow I presented for Microsoft Advertising Story Awards, a contest we had this year. I was the winner of Spain and finalist with other 24 winners.

So, what did I do? This was a Media Plan for WindowsPhone in the UK with some innovative Ads such as IAB Rising Stars. I prepared all Ads with Weborama/AdRime Technology. I took the art from Microsoft UX guide site and made it social linking to Windows Phone UK Faceebook page. Maybe I should have done more related to SocialMedia to win but, honestly, I didn´t have time!

You can see final winner here

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Display Ads Innovation and News

Let´s begin recovering the IAB UK Future Format Awards. Perhaps we will hear a lot about them as we did with IAB Rising Stars.

These were the entries:

Future Formats Award 2012 - The Entries

So we have all these formats:

Yahoo 3d brochure (template and demo)
MSN filmstrip (template and demo)
CinemaAd from DoubleClick (template and demo)
Firefly Video Toolbar by Tribal Fusion (template and demo)
FloorAd from DoubleClick
In-image from Vibrant
Mood Skin from DoubleClick (template and demo)
Page Skin by Inskin Media
Picture Frame by DoubleClick
Shuffle Box by Yahoo (multiplatform) (template and demo)
Slider by MediaMind
Sidekick by MediaMind and MS Advertising
Page Move by DoubleClick (template and demo)
The Bar by DoubleClick
The Cascade by DoubleClick for Telegraph (Template and demo)
The Devil Format by AOL (template and demo)
YouTube Masthead
VideoSkin by DoubleClick (Template and demo)

Well, there are some formats that we already know and have even more than two years (FloorAd, Sidekick, MastHead). I don´t know why they take part on the contest (It says "Future Formats"not past ;D ). Also I should say as it was for UK, we see DoubleClick in first place of innovation.

And the finalist:

Future Formats Award 2012 - The Finalist

Let´s go on! We have some good Research:

First from eMarketer, the release of Top Digital Trends 2012

Open publication - Free publishing - More 2012

You´ve got nice info there. Get your own conclussions once you see the stats.

Also from Microsoft Advertising, The Premium AdFormats Research

In the videos area we have some good news, this comes from DoubleClick Experiments:

Also from IAB UK:

The Evolution of Online Display Advertising

Finally, Google has opened doors to their research, so now we have access to multiple display  studies, I have founded these very interesting:

Google Display Network vs. Portal Takeovers for Tech Enthusiasts

Impact of YouTube Homepages On Brand Engagement

AOL: Are you an engager?
AOL: Six steps to a better brand online
AOL: Get smart quality

Hope you find this useful

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

IAB Anual leadership meeting

For this week we have two important events in the online market: first the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona, second is the IAB Anual Leadership Meeting, let´s see what´s happening here!

Day 1: IAB Releases New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio

Introduction VĂ­deo:

This is the banner from iab page:

Also, here is the big change, I would say the movement is about bigger Ads, also with better result, at least by now. There are several researchs explaining how this Ads have better CTR. We already posted about Rising Stars Formats in this blog here also you can have more info about them here

Go and check all new formats in the new 2012 Display Porfolio

Day 2: IAB Reveals Winners of First-Ever ‘Mobile Rising Stars’ Competition

IAB Mobile Rising Stars
These are the formats:

Filmstrip: Scrollable, multipanel, horizontal or vertical ad unit, much like “The Filmstrip” Display Standard Ad Unit Richly engaging experience with tons of content possibilities delivered in page with users fully in control
Slider: Overlay unit on the bottom of a page mirrors touch screen habit, prompting users to slide the entire page over, unveiling a full brand experience, much like “The Slider”  Display Standard Ad Unit Optimal creative space keeping viewer fully in control of ad experience

Adhesion Banner: Standard banner that “adheres” to its start position when device is rotated or when content is manipulated (e.g., with a tap to magnify) Elegant solution to fundamental challenge

Full Page: Full screen experience that accommodates both portrait and landscape orientation An ideal creative canvas—the whole screen—with interactive functionality

Push: A bottom or top banner that expands to full screen, not unlike “The Pushdown” Display Standard Ad Unit Allows for an immersive, in-page ad experience, with users in control
Also you can download a .pdf with this info here

Monday, 6 February 2012

Superbowl 2012 Ads Resume

First, you should surf on these websites:

- First in Google
- The AdBlitz YouTube Channel
- The AdWeek page
- Huffington Post
- Superbowl-Ads
- AdZone from Hulu
- If you are interested in music: Billboard
- AdAge of course


Madonna Superbowl 2012 Halftime show:

In USA Today they have launche the AdMeter, you can vote:

Finally, all time Ads:

At Twitter I would follow better #superbowl  #superbowlads  #superbowl-ads #brandbowl and #adbowl