Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Flash is dead, Steve Jobs is dead

Five statements about Flash totally misleading:

1- Flash is the devil, the virus of Matrix: This has become a Credo for fanboys
2- Flash is about games and porn: Not for Apps, Advertising, Websites, desktop applications or RIAs.
3- Flash is dead, Steve Jobs is dead: Probably they are but their memory and work will be always live.
4- Flash developers are mobile developers: Nothing to do, just a few %
5- AIR is the same as Flash: I would say Air has better fame than Flash, perhaps because of Android

Five conclussions:
1 -The death of the multiplatform developer
2- FlashPlayer is death, long live to AIR (remember: The web is dead, long live to Apps)
3- Adobe strategy has been really "strange"
4- Mobile has killed Flash, at least FlashPlayer
5- If you are a Mobile programmer, go to HTML5