Monday, 20 June 2011

Google on Display Ads

Two days ago, there was a blog post from Neal Mohan, vicepresident od Display Advertising from Google with the title There’s a perfect ad for everyone

Who is this man and what did he say?

For the second answer, this is Google and in my opinion they are launching one of the biggest campaigns of the year with Watch This Space. Everyone of us has seen it even on print. It´s not a prize winning campaign but its omnipresent.

Some time ago Google was too centered on AdSense and others. So, what would happen if the bigger advertiser would jump on Richmedia display ads? Well they first bought Double Click Studio and then began to work. In fact that´s a good idea, to have an agency making formats for your publisher page, even more if all people are saying again and again that video is going to take the web. Yes I´m talking about YouTube...

So they became one more of the richmedia publishers you should follow, with MSN, Yahoo and AOL.

First question: What did he say?

1 -The number of display ad impressions will decrease by 25 percent per person. I don´t believe so. It´s like saying they will remove Ads from tv. no sense.

2- Engagement rates across all display ads will increase by 50 percent.
Well, I understand video comes strong although maybe not that amount. How do you measure engage? I remember, there was a mobile phone from Nokia, called Nokia NGage. It was for gaming, enjoying time. So now it will be video, hope better than pre-roll.

3- People will have a direct say in 25 percent of the ads they see. This is related to Cookies. In fact there´s a new law coming, at least in Europe, I don´t believe it will change a lot.

4- 35 percent of campaigns will primarily use metrics beyond clicks and conversions. That´s logic. Richmedia and video bring new metrics against CTR. Anytime you want your customer to be engaged you can give him a lot of metrics.

5- 25 billion ads per day will tell people why they are seeing them. You can also ask Steve Jobs what does he thinks about cookies and his iAd. Also Zuckerberg, I look forward to seeing the day when display ads go to Social Media king (FB).

6- Over 40 percent of online Americans will name display ads as their favorite ad format. The other 60% must be watching the superbowl Ads video.

Well, we don´t have the data that Google has but same intuitions had already been said

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Life of a banner. RichMedia Workflow

This the tipical scheme of a banner life, it could also be a richmedia workflow life:

First step: A customer who wants to sell something or just make branding or so, decides to make a Media campaign on the Internet. Usually they´re launched just after you see the TV ad.

So customer meets his Media Agency. There´s a man on that agency called the Media Planner. He is in charge of negotiating and making the best out of the budget customer has. So, he could do SEO, SEM, Social Media or a Display Campaign which is our case. Probably the final product of this man is a planning.

Next step: There´s a Tech agency in charge of keeping an eye so everything is fine. They know the specifications of every format for Publishers, they are in contact with creative agencies, and they are able to solve any issue related to the campaign (creativity, traffic, tracking, implementation). I work in one of these ;)

The technology agency contacts the creativity agency, they give them templates and tell them what they can and can´t do acording to publishers´specs. So they work hand by hand with creative agencies. These ones usually have a design or programming department.

When the creative agency has the campaign ready, there´s a proccess called validation which has three steps:
- Technical level, in charge of the Tech Agency
- Creative level, usually for the customer
- Publisher level

This one is the final step. Publisher checks all tags are ok and insert the ads in its website.

Well, this is a very reduced and simplified view of how it is. A banner life or a campaign life could last a lot of time, or have different steps. These five are main characters of a banner story.

Main skill to improve this workflow is communications between the five parts.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Display Ads Lift Branding Metrics - eMarketer

Display Ads Lift Branding Metrics - eMarketer

The lift in likelihood to recommend was nearly three times as high for entertainment industry campaigns as for other campaigns.

Average Lift* in Likelihood to Recommend Advertised Products Among Internet Users in North America Exposed to Online Display Ad Campaigns, by Campaign Type, 2011

Campaigns that feature expandable rich media ads performed best, with a 34.4% lift. Flash banner campaigns underperformed compared to the average. None of the campaigns studied featured only static banners.

Average Lift* in Likelihood to Recommend Advertised Products Among Internet Users in North America Exposed to Online Display Ad Campaigns, by Format, 2011

This research also confirmed earlier findings by Lotame that showed that the likelihood to recommend stat correlated positively with other metrics of brand lift—meaning that the boost in intent to recommend went hand in hand with a boost in other branding metrics.

The closest correlation was with intent to view—for campaigns that advertised a show or movie—followed by purchase intent. Ad recall, clickthrough rate and interaction rate also rose with likelihood to recommend.