Sunday, 6 March 2011

New RichMedia Formats from IAB

It´s on the news from last week. IAB Interactive Advertising Bureau, has made public the winner formats from "Rising Stars". The main criteria for this was Branding, User Experience, Funcionality, Integration and Adoption. Let´s have a look to the new Richmedia formats approved!

It´s a 970x250, the one we see everyday on YouTube. By now, this format is exclusive for DoubleClick Rich Media.

This format comes from MSN, a Sky of 300x600 masking a 300x3000 where we can insert video, photo, animation, 3D, anything.

from AOL, also a superSky. Comes with integration with video, working with modules. I haven´t seen this format on action yet, at least in Spain. Very detailed specs

A 970x90, we are used to seeing this one working on media. The Ad pushes down all the content, usually in home pages. The video makes special attention on Social Media integration (quite easy from Flash)

Usually it´s seen on MSN home. It moves all content to one size, usually to the left, working with Javascript. Works specially fine if you combine it with a leaderboard and a great wallpaper.

Similar to SideKick with limited time on animations

So, what can we say about these formats? It were about 24 companies taking part on the meeting, some of them really great and known for their creativity as TheBarbarianGroup. Besides there will be some formats out of date.

This is a good initiative for the most important entity on online advertisement. We have already seen some of this new formats.

In my opinion innovation on formats is a key point, specially for publishers as they can have advantage over competitors. Perhaps it´s time for IAB to revise all specs for Richmedia Ads (Richmedia Creative Guidelines are from May 2008)