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Flash and Digital Interactive Summary 2010

Hi friends! Here´s my commented summary of 2010 from the digital, interactive, creative, tech and marketing point of view. The subtitle would be something like "Things that called my attention more in 2010".


It began with Google Nexus One. What was the reason for its fail? Probably the placement/store, I also think Android was not ready yet for that jump.
In Spain we discovered the animated series of Freaklance (freak + freelance) in relation to the advertising world. It was not Mad Men but amusing. Also we discoverd all the actions of Uniqlo together. I did like a lot this campaing against smokers from "I believe in Advertising", Canari

The most important point of the month was the publishing of the Digital Marketing Outlook. We look forward to hearing from them about this year!

View more documents from Sebastian Garn.
There were some nice videos about the tech future, see 8 visions of the future or these ones:

Vídeo Augmented Reality Domestic Robocop

The future acording to Microsoft

Lastly, for January I choose the site from Muji, Muji Rhythm, because of its integration between sound and navigation, although it´s not more online


We saw this Flash and video integration site from BlueJeans, Wrangler, something really surprising!

We had more about the war between Fash/HTML (I explain it later), saw the birth of Google Buzz (Where the hell is Wave?), this great history site of videogames, VideoGame Timeline, the Social Media Banners (banners linked with Facebook or Twitter) and had a bit more about Augmented Reality:

ZugSTAR - Streaming Augmented Reality

This is not a cereal box... New 3D experience by Dassault Systemes

Interesting sociodemographical study about State of the internet 2009

Also I liked, and this campaign from Skype, Skype Outside


March began with the launch of the new site from TheFWA. Them we discovered Google Chrome, it´s my default browser (has Flash plugin integrated), althought there are better extensions in Firefox, at least by now. Then Alice came from Wonderland. I liked it, but not all.

We had in Spain one of the first Flash Events, FlashDay directed by Xavi Beumala at the same time that AdobeCS5 was about to launch. This month we saw great campaigns of Richmedia as this one from Toyota or this from Smart, AdobeLabs Ideas was launched, a great power exhibition from Uniqlo, one site in the same way as Alice, "Follow the white Rabbit", and more videos from Ok Go.
I thik it was this month when we heart about AppVertising, as the end of LOST arrived.


Best places to work on Marketing, this list was published. Sincerely, I didn´t find my company on it, so I decide to look for another job. There were also good sites as Haiku Lovers, UTweet from Uniqlo, the Web Trend Map from InformationArchitects and some changes in the website of FullAsAGoog.

I liked very much this campaign against smokers. In Spain we are the last country to forbid smoking in pubs and restaurants, AntiSmoking Ads

In april I was able to ask for a trial of CS5, so I discoverd rotoscopy and Code Snippets Panels. We also saw kinStudio from Windows. Interesting online campaigns were this from Smart, this other from VolksWagen, blueyourfriends, and all that was done for the promotion of Avatar.


We finally found the Flash CS5 Documentation, no doubt this is the best version, as good as CS3, althought they shoud improve the Help.

We had more about the war Apple/Adobe, remember the Adobe campaign "We Love Apple"
and the answer from Apple "We #? Adobe"

I also remember this nice video about it

So, what happened really with this controversy Apple vs Adobe? This is how I see it:

To be truth many Flash programmers hoped to see Flash working on the iPhone. Adobe had prepared the iPhone Packager to compile from Flash to iPhone. It was not this way. The iPhone didn´t have Flash and neither the iPad. Jobs published his "thoughts about Flash" and banned all the app compilation from other platforms different to Objectice C (not only Flash, also Unity). So a war began!!! Mr. Jobs had on his side all his legion of Apple fanboys. They talked about HTM5 again and againg as it was the new Mesias. I remember a great confrontation between Flash friends and Flash not friends. I used to compile all tweets about it in my timeline.

And what happened? Adobe did his best betting on Android. Android grew and grew and the Smartphones market began to use Flash (Blackberry, Motorolla, HTC...) even the new upcoming tablets will have flash. Besides, it was proved that Jobs argues about the Flash processing on smartphones were TOTALLY a lie. Jobs was menazed by the antimonopolistic laws. It was clearly seen that HTML5 was not at his best (will it be as the semantic web that never came?). Android did his best, I bet you Android will pass iOS next year. Not only that, Adobe supported Flash and HTML5 from his speciallity: Technology. We could see in AdobeMax how to compile from Flash to HTML5, Adobe Wallaby: from Flash to HTML5 in one step

Apple gave up about their compiling restrictions, so every Appleboy shut up their mouth. Will we see Flash on the iPhone? We don´t mind. In my opinion, it was not about having or not having Flash, it was about dominating the Advertising market on smartphones and tablets (iAd), good try Mr. Jobs, but you are the Loser!

The Google Job Experiment

I remember May 10th as the "Back to the future Day", or the 0-0 day, I´m talking about Twitter: 0 following 0 followers, you understand me.

Two new campaigns from Uniqlo, ColorTweet and Uniqlo Lucky line.
And this slides about Mobile revolution


Essential reading for anyone in Digital
2010 Razorfish Outlook Report
View more documents from Razorfish.
We discovered Adobe BrowserLab and a good research from Eyeblaster which changed its name to MediaMind. Aparecen los banners en Spotify, por ejemplo este de Smart. Blogger amplía sus opciones. Otra campaña de Uniqlo, Sportweet.Lee Brimelow publica el Flash Community Believe Video, sale el iOS4 y está web en recuerdo de Michael Jackson.


We saw this interactive piece of Glastonbury 2010 Festival, later the design event #MADMMX, here my revision. I found on the web this place about workflow and advertising agencies, it´s just about one word: Subnormality (I´ve lived this my God!). There was also a Research from Mediamind about online entertainment.

Also it was published the Salary benchmarking of April 2010, you can check results here, besides here´s the AIGA Creativity Salary Survey:

Greenshock released TimeLineLite, and good sites to surf on the web were these ones: search the Troll, the Battle of the Cheetos, Lost in Val Sinestra, this visit to the science museum in London and AudioTool

Another video called Jobs Vader and the iPhone

More slides:

View more presentations from Jasmin Cheng.
Lastly we found the Flash Proffesional Glossary


We had a lot of controversy in Spain with this article called Yo gurú (Myself, a guru) related tod SocialMedia gurus. There were also lots of researchs about ROI and SM, banners, CTR, etc.

The main notice was YouTube as a platform to launch creativity and advertising campaigns, as for example this one: Zombie Movie Adventure

We saw the Twitter newspapers (we still see them), the iPhone4 had fails, "we are not perfect" they said. There was also YouTube Show&Tell and this research about planners

View more documents from Heather LeFevre.
The most relevant thing this month was found in Wired: The web is dead!

I would talk here about the AppBubble, or the SocialMediaBubble. They have always wanted to kill things as:
- The web is dead (from Smartphones)
- The microsite is dead (from SocialMedia)
- The banner is dead (from SocialMedia)
- Blogs are dead
- The EMail is dead
- ... It´s all about what do they want to promote...


More about technlogy videos:

Future of Screen Technology

We finally found this year campaign (I´m sorry about the one from Arcade Fire) Huge bear attacks after being shot by a hunter! and suddenly all advertising agencies wanted to do the same.

There was also the new online shop from Zara, without any SEO on its first day, othe campaign from Uniqlo, Tweet and discount. Check out also this video about Augmented Reality for Online Shopping.

Websites of September: Scotch-Soda FWA SOTD, with the panning effect, Vokswagen Magazine. 2010 Agency Family trees, and the new Twitter

This month´s videos:

YouTube ShortList

VolksWagen Think Blue
and this youtube campaign abotu the army Great!


We saw anothe online shop, this time made with Flash, Desigual Great Work! The war for the TV came back: GoogleTV vs. AppleTV. Sites; the blog MadeByMany, this brasilian one, IKEA cats, this experimetal:, AModel from Japan, OhMyGodWhatTheFuckBarbaque!!! or OMGWTFBBQ, the campaign about singing tweetagrams from Orange, and this video intro of FlashOnTheBeach 2010:

Very interesting research from Google, 101 Digital Creative Ideas by Google:

This happened on October 10th, 2010:
RT @tw1tt3rart: #42day: 42 = 101010 in binary
░█░█░█░█░░█░█░█░ █░░█░█░█
░█░█▄█▐▌░░█░█▄█ ▐▌░░█░█▄█

Nice Richmedia like Gran GRU, launching of Windows Phone and this little advergaming banner. We had also the Vimeo Festival Awards, check the Winners

In my opinion this is the best video of 2010, Coachelletta
A great film was on the screens: #TheSocialNetwork, well done with a great bso. Trent Reznor!!!

Lastlty we had the #adobeMAX I won an UnAward Prize!!!


More about the Internet-TV War, this time with Sony Internet TV FWA SOTD Nice site!! Excellent integration of video + Flash + SocialMedia #SonyInternetTV

A Video that called out attention:
Campaigns as Social Media Sobriety Test , and researches as this ones:
View more presentations from @JESSEDEE.

We discover RockMelt, the SocialMedia browser. The NY Marathon had an interactive cober: Maraton + NYTimes + Faces

Another impressive video: We all want to be young!
Facebook Titan was released although I havent tested it yet. More slides:

View more presentations from nbrier.
One hundred inspirational ideas
View more presentations from Helge Tennø.
Nice richmedia from Assassins Creed. Cantona vs Banks, and the inspirational festival in Madrid, I was invited by #mktFan on Twitter, here is my resume.

You should check this doc: Most Contagious 2010
The launching of YouTubeTrends

+ things: IKEA reinventing banners, this microsite from IAB, and the online advertising bit the offline, online reaches off

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Have a nice year!!!