Saturday, 31 July 2010

Hyperisland: making real change in day to day agency life

Actions I have lastly seen about this people:
Coming off the Island: making real change in day to day agency life
View more presentations from hackemer.
In Facebook an action where you can recomend/nominate your friends to go there:
+ About Hyperisland:
Actually if you have time and money, and need formation in the digital and interactive area, this is really the place.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Flash + Facebook = online success

Yesterday was the launch of the campaign Lost in val sinestra which I found via Yorokobu.

This is a microsite where you get connected by Facebook, then you choose the characters (your friends!) and at the end of the process you get a video as this one:

LOST IN VAL SINESTRA from Fernando Comet on Vimeo.

We´ve already seen the same idea a couple of times or more, for example in the site Je tue un ami com a été tué, and also in a swedish website about communications whose name I don´t remember now. Something similar was seen in Prototype

This is a video where they insert photos and texts with the Facebook API by an XML. Later, the difficult step, is to mask all the photos so as to see them in the video. I´ve seen more as this one but not as good.

If you have a look to the code, this is the url of the html:
HTTP://WWW.LOST-IN-VAL-SINESTRA.COM/027594C51758D0BF72, and we have:

var flashvars = {};
flashvars.swfUrl = "MovieMaker.swf";
flashvars.xmlUrl = "xml/content.xml";
flashvars.movieHash = "027594C51758D0BF72";

Probably the video has cuepoints where they insert the photos, Flash makes this all right even if the video is on streaming.

In this case they forgot the option to share the final video with other APIS (Twitter, Blogger, etc.) Anyway I´m watching more and more like this in the future. The use of Flash within Facebook is a warranty of success.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

What version of Flash do you use?

So, now that everyone has installed his Flash CS5 version or trial I wonder how many of the 3 million of programmers are using it.

In my case I jumped directly from CS3 to CS5, due to the unexpected errors of CS4. Other issue if you used the Flash IDE was the long waitting time in CS4 for compilation or just to see the Actions Panel.

By the way, here some links I find usefull, I´m thinking about making a Flash CS5 Professional Cheet Sheet, I still have to collect the twitter accounts.

Flash Evangelist

The poll is in Spanish but it just says "Which version of Flash are you using?"