Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Social Media Banner

I have just found from a friend a post about Social Media Banner and I wanted to see it from a technological point of view.

Let´s have a look to it!
This is the banner:

Really strange format I must say! (339.25x273.9)
So. How is it made? I think it has just four clicktags one for the site and the others to post to the social sites (in this case Twitter, Facebook and a social web from Nederlands). Works with .asp

In fact the .fla file is exported to Flash 8. The urls go like this:

Generic Clicktag\';

Clicktag to share on Twitter!%20Gespot%20@%20\';"

Clicktag to share on hyves-share!&body=Gespot%20@%20[url=][/url]\';"

Clicktag to share on Facebook!\';"

On the buttons:
getURL("", "_blank")

getURL("", "_blank")

More info:

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