Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Firefox update + Flashplayer installation

At least in Europe, this is what you find when updating your Firefox version

Once you follow the link you go directly to Adobe. They have placed there the McAfee Security Scan with the FlashPlayer. Truely, I don´t like this, I have my own antivirus.

Last step: Installation

Monday, 26 October 2009

What should have Flash CS5 Code Snippets panel?

They have talked a lot about the possibility of making iPhone apps from the new upcoming FlashCS5. Good news!

Anyway, we can´t miss the point about designers moving to programming or just designers using Actionscript 3. So this is the question:

If you were a designer what would you like to have in the new Flash CS5?

For this the Code Snippets Panel is really a great answer. I am sure many designers have already used this kind of panels (Gaia Framework, Event Generator, Quesy Tools, Kuler). You just install an .mxp and all it´s done! Easy! With no code.

So, what should Flash CS5 have in Code snippets Panel to help designers?
This is my whish list:

- Preload: Instead of making it coding, a simple preload could be prepared for this
- FullScreen: Liquid Design configuration. I could be included a FullScreen Background image option, so when you change your browser width or height you would see it ok. As SWffit does
- Google Analytics: We´ve seen it as a .swc, a panel would be good also
- Gaia Framework: I think this panel is done for programmers, it should be even more easy. Just think you are a designer and you don´t know nothing about code
- Loading external swf
- Motion pannel: Somethin as Greensock does or editing the new possibilities of bones animations
- XML Load
- Sound Load
- Load BitMapData
- Forms, could be included the connection to a php, Email checking, etc.
- SWF Object and SWF Address integration
- A menu builder
- 3D integration (PaperVision, Away3d)
- Text Formatting (as panels in Photoshop do)
- Banner Creation: With things that designers need (Clicktag, invisible button, etc.)
- Image Gallery

Monday, 19 October 2009

Talking about Interactive Awards

If you have free time and money you can participate in any of these awards. You will have to pay a fee to do so. Some references:

- Webby Awards: You can visit their channel in YouTube , well done, although videos seem to be small. Visit also the official website of the Webby Awards.

- Festival of Cannes. See there the interaction works, there´re good ones.

More videos in the official web of the Cannes festival.

- Pixel Awards: You have here all the awarded.

- Adobe Design Achivement Awards: From Adobe

- D&AD Student Awards: They have just released the briefings for the new contest. You should be a student. The fee is about 15€.

- Dexigner competitions: Very interesting international contest.

- 2010 ANDY Awards: This ones have a very funny presentation. You choose the jury

Why Elect The Jury? from 2010 ANDY Awards on Vimeo.

- Interactive Media Awards, winners here

- How Design Awards

There are also good contest on FlashBookmarks (Inspiration and awards).

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Advertising on blogs

I suppose you have read about these news lastly:
upongo que habréis leído últimamente estas dos noticias:

- The online advertising 'is put under the magnifying glass of U.S. Congress
- Coto advertising on blogs

The first deals with the issue of control of Internet advertising. You know Google or other sites, they can store our data and preferences and advertise with them. This is a subject already past but occasionally comes to the fore.

The second is on the line of surreptitious advertising and sponsorship. In the USA if you have a blog and advertise something you must do so openly, not hidden "bloggers to publish a sponsorship must disclose what type of materials have connections with the seller of that product or service." If not, they face fines of up to 7,500 euros. "

Well, this is what is happening in America, but could come to Europe quickly. It's easy: I am the agency, I do not want to spend as much dough to make a media plan or go out in the most popular media sites (eg online newspapers), I'll pay blogs and bloggers either in cash or in kind. I get cheaper, and make noise about my product and it also creates good opinion of the product that I offer.

In Spain Waskmann did something with Vodafone and The Post Impossible. Well, this is not prohibited in Spain by any means, but I would class as "smart advertising". So watch out, your purchase could be induced my friend.

More info here

Monday, 5 October 2009

Great news from Adobe!!!

So, at the end it wasn´t Flex, it was Flash who introduced itself on the iPhone (I´m sorry about you flexers ;-])

All members from the Flash Community are posting about the new upcoming features of Flash CS5, mainly:

- Applications for iPhone
- New text capabilities via the Text Layout Framework (TLF)
- XML based FLA files
- Code Snippets panel
- Flash Builder™ integration
- Improved ActionScript editor

(see more here)

What can we say about this? This is a big step, one of the biggest, even more if we take into account that more and more users are using their mobile devices to get into the internet or to use apps.

We can say also that Adobe has thought on designers migrating from AS2 to AS3 (code snippets panel), on integration (same point of view as CS3), and has improved some things they really had to do, such as text capabilities and the Actionscript Editor. YES I´m using it, I have used it since I learnt Flash and I will use it, no matter what you say.

For the Flash Community these are great news! Probably we won´t have to migrate to see our apps in the iPhone, the browser will have to wait until Apple decission...

More info:

Adobe Labs

Mike Chambers

with reference to:

"Improved ActionScript editor"
- Adobe Labs - Adobe Flash Professional CS5 (ver en Google Sidewiki)