Monday, 21 September 2009

Thoughts on designers moving to programming

Some thoughts about the jump from designing to programming and about workflow

Theory 1: The number of designers moving to programming has decreased
Is there a magician who tells you about your future? Designer or programmer? What are you? There´s a ditch between them and it´s getting bigger!

There are some programmers who used to design but they realised they´d better do programming cos it was easy, practice and a challenge.

Flashers used to be outsiders, the frontieer between design and programming. We were called Flash designers/animators/programmers. Now this has changed. Many of us moved from design to programming but I can´t see this migration anymore. Why?

I have some possible answers: It´s difficult, it´s not a vocation, there´s no need to do it, Adobe´s policy...

Theory 2: Programmer vs. Designer
There were programmers working with computers before all designers began to use it. Why are we sometimes considered just as producers ?

Designer: Someone who designs
Programmer: Someone who programs

I wonder how a designer can tell how things will move on the screen. They shouldn´t do about interaction if there´s a flasher in the team.

I don´t know what´s worst: a customer trying to design or a designer trying to animate something. The answer is always the same: Why don´t you do it?

In the end, the most important thing for the good work of an agency, a studio or so, is the workflow. The rest are just stories and stories