Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Augmented Reality: levelHead v1.0, 3-cube speedrun *SPOILER*

As yet unseen footage of the first stable version of levelHead, an augmented-reality spatial-memory game by Julian Oliver.

This is a spoiler for the first 3 cubes: the relatively easy red cube, the tricky green cube and finally the very difficult orange cube (dubbed the 'Apartment').

Don't watch this if you want to solve them yourself!

Read more about the project here:

For a better quality version of this video, see this Vimeo page: http://vimeo.com/1320756

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Los Peces Making Of

This are some photos and videos about the website www.lospeces.es

Los Peces is a pop Spanish band from Spain. For their second LP we released a new version of their website. So this is how we made it:

First we had the previous website from 2006. It was me who made it. Just simple, a menu with a photo slide.

We had also a logo simulating the yin-yan, two fishes biting their tails:
Before anything we had the new video of the band, with a stop-motion pop theme.

So, the video defined the cover of the album as you can see in the photo.

So, before doing anything we uploaded an "on construction website" with the launching day of the project, March 14th, just the day the LP was on the shops.

The first stories of the website: The election of one of the components of the band, relation to deep sea, fishes, bubbles, the menu...

More, we sent also a mailing to all the Media, radios, tvs and promos announcing the launching of the LP:

Next step was the promotion photos, so we met the photographer Blanca del Amo and we had this:

We had a good material. From some of the photos the illustrator made the draws, this first one for Santi:

On second place the draws for the singer, Clara:

We had also more draws for the fishes, the background, etc. here´s one:

About the programming: I would say this is a migration web from AS2 to AS3, it is made in Actionscript 3 but still with the forms of AS2. I didn´t have time to use a framework or so. For example I used the classes of GSkinner for Collision Detection, Tweenlite with recursive callings, Liquid Design from NoPonies, Google Analytics for AS3, etc.

Here the first trials, you can check the initial movement clicking. You can check the liquid design changing the browser width and height.

At the end we chose illustrations instead of photos. I have to say here, first time I saw the white background I told the designer:
- Ey! But the sea is blue!
She laughed a lot about this. So I gave up my narromind and realised:
- Oh, it´s good to have a designer surprising me!

So, this is how the website works: There´s a little intro where you choose your character, then you just go swimming, you can go up or down pressing the mouse. Also there´s a wave and the sea background moving, with the fishes which are also the menu onRollOver:

We did also a bit of socializing and 2.0. This was:
An oficial blog for the band components to post:

A YouTube Channel:

A flickr gallery:

And a facebook profile sincronized with all the previous 2.0 content:

Lastly there´s a shop, we´re still building it:

These are the credits for all this:

Concept: Fernando Comet and Miriam Arjona
illustration: Miriam Arjona
Programming: Fernando Comet
Loops: Santiago Comet
Music: Los Peces
Social nets: Fernando Comet and María Díaz

You can watch the project also on Behance

hope you enjoy it!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Web Trend Map 04

InformationArchitects has just released the WebTrendMap04.
What can we say about it?
I tend to think this time we have no as much 2.0 as previous versions. You can see the WebTrendMap08 here.
I´m not sure, probably it´s not time yet to say where the web is going. Some want to have the semantic web, others want to kill the browser, I don´t know, we will see...

Thursday, 16 April 2009

What´s the meaning of Advertising?

I´m reading just now 99Francs, the book from the advertiser Francs Frederic Beigbeder

And here is a nice quote taken from Inusual, for all people working in Advertising:

"To all through those that you work and live of the advertising, to all that you are consuming what this one announces, that please should get you into your head that everything is provisional: the love, the art, the planet Earth, you, I. The death is something so unavoidable
that it(he,she) plunders to the whole world for surprise. How to know if this day will not be the last one? We are thinking about having time. And then, suddenly, already it(he,she) is, we suffocate, end(purpose) of the regulation time. The death is the only(unique) appointment that is not annotated in our agenda PDA.

In my book (and now movie) I am called Octave (Octavio in Spanish) and take APC's clothes. I am a publicist: it is, I contaminate the universe. I am the uncle who you sells shit. That makes you dream of these things that you will never have. Eternally blue sky, aunts who are never ugly, a perfect happiness retouched with the PhotoShop. Re-licked, musical sticky(parasitic) images. When, by force of saving, you manage to buy the car of your dreams, which I threw(launched) in my last campaign, I already will have achieved that I am gone out of fashion. I take three seasons of advantage to you, and always I contrive them in order that you sintáis frustrated. The Glamour is the country to the one that never manages to come near. I drug you with innovation, and the advantage of the new thing is that it(he,she) it is never for a long time. Always there is a new innovation to achieve that the previous one ages. To do that you the slobber is fallen(fallen due), that one is my priesthood. In my profession, nobody wishes your happiness, because the happy people do not consume.

Your suffering stimulates the trade. In our slang, we have baptized it " the depression poscompra ". You need urgently a product but, immediately after having acquired it, need other one. The hedonism is not a form of humanism: it is a simple cash flow. His(her,your) motto? " I spend, then I exist. " To create needs, nevertheless, turns out to be indispensable to foment the envy, the pain, the insatiability: these are our weapon. And you are my white(target).

I spend(pass) the life to myself telling you lies and they pay it to me fully. I gain(earn) 13.000 Euros to the month (without counting(telling) the diets, the car of company, the stocks-options and the contractual shielding). The Euro has been invented in order that the wages of the rich ones seem to be sixteen times less indecent.

I am Everywhere. You will not get away yourself from me. Anywhere that you look queen at my advertising. I prohibit you that you get bored. I prevent you from thinking. The terrorism of the innovation serves me to sell emptiness. Ask any surfista: to be kept in foot turns out to be indispensable to have an empty space below. To do surf consists of slipping on an enormous hole (the addicts to Internet know it so well as the champions of Lacanau's surf). I decree what is Authentic, which is Beautiful, what it are Nice. I choose the models who, in six months, you will make her(it) hard.By force of seeing them portrayed, you baptize them as top - models; my youngsters will traumatize any woman who has more than fourteen years. You adore what I choose. The more I play with your subconscious, the more you obey me. If I sing the excellences of a yogurt in the walls of your city, I you guarantee that you will finish buying it. You believe that you enjoy free will, but when you least expect it you will recognize my product in the section of a supermarket, and will buy it, this way, only to prove(try) it, believe me, I know my work.

Mmm, to penetrate your brain ensues from the most agreeable thing. I move along in your right(straight) hemisphere. Your desire already you does not belong(concern): I impose you mine. I prohibit you that you wish at random. Your desire is the result of an investment which
amount is coded in thousands of million Euros. I am I who decides today what you will like tomorrow.

Does not it(he) turn out to be frightful to verify up to what point the whole world seems to consider this situation to be normal? You give me disgust, insignificant slaves submitted to my more minimal caprices. Why have you allowed that I should turn into the King of the World?

I would like to solve this mystery: to quarrel with what way, in the most culminating point of a cynical epoch, the advertising Empress was crowned. In two thousand years, an irresponsible cretin like I had never achieved so powerful being. I would like to leave everything, to clear off of here with my savings, taking drug and a few prostitutes to me to a shit of desert island. What am I going to do to him(her) if the humanity has decided to replace God by products of great consumption?

To submit the humanity to the slavery, the advertising has chosen the discretion, the agility, the persuasion. We live in the first system of domain(control) of the man for the man against enclosed whom the freedom turns out to be impotent. On the contrary, his(her,your) major achievement consists of betting precisely loudly for the freedom. Any critique gives him(her) protagonism, any pamphlet reinforces the illusion of his(her,your) dulzona tolerance. But it(he,she) finishes surrendering anyhow. Everything is allowed, nobody throws(adds) a wrangle if you disturb the henhouse. The system has reached his(her,your) aim(lens): even the disobedience has turned into a form of obedience."

It made me think a lot...

Monday, 13 April 2009

Revising Web 2.0 Congress

I wasn´t there but someone let me see all the information shown there. So I took a look at it.

The things that I liked more or that impressed me: Twistori, Braintraffic, Coremedia and this presentation about Whuffing:

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Banners with one frame, Recursive Call with TweenLite

So, this is an example of how to make a banner in Actionscript 3.0 with no timeline animation.
You can see it here. You can download the .fla here.

The code:

import gs.TweenLite;

function infiniteMovement()
TweenLite.to(cuad_mc, 5, {x:250, onComplete:onFinishTween, onCompleteParams:[4,tracker_mc]});

function onFinishTween(parameter1:Number,parameter2:MovieClip)



tracker_mc is just a movieclip out of the stage. This way, after five seconds of animation I use this movieclip as a reference just to call again to the function infiniteMovement()

More about tweenlite in GreenSock