Monday, 21 December 2009

Comments on Flash CS5 Video

I´ve just seen the video from Flash CS5 in TheFlashBlog, hereafter some comments about it:

- Workflow: I am totally amazed with the idea of the xml format and the new publishing features of the new Flah CS5. I am not sure but it look like now if a designer wants to change a picture from a banner, for example, he won´t need to open Flash, just can change it in the dinamyc library. Probably the same for texts. Moreover, I this this can be done just editing the xml or overwritting the file. Fantastic!

The publishing settings, the xml format (reminds me of Silverlight) and the SWF History are going to improve definetely the designer/programmer workflow.

- Code Snippets Panel: Lee says he has "tears in his eyes" when he sees this. I think many designers will as well. Little pieces of code that will help designers for migration to AS3. I hope anyone can customize this the way you can do in Photoshop with the Actions panel.

- Nice news also from video adjustments and text formats for the new release.

- Improvements on the Flash IDE code pannel (Yes, I am one of the 3% that still uses it!) and on the connection to run projects from Flash Builder (Flex) easily.

Just a couple of things I´ve seen:
- No support for Actionscript 2: This is positive in my opinion
- No support for Flash CS3: Well, many of us will jump from CS3 to CS5. We all know about the problems CS4 has and programmers, not only designers are looking forward to hearing from Flash CS5 release.
- Not much about iPhone, by now!

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