Monday, 23 November 2009

Web Design Navigation, Julius Wiedemann

I bought this book about three months ago but I have had too much work to port about it. You can find the resume and buy the book on line in the Taschen shop, where they say: "This addition to our popular Web Design series focuses on very carefully crafted navigation systems, where usability and narrative are taken in consideration in the development of the website. Featuring over 90 projects from more than 20 countries, as well as case studies on outstanding work by the world’s leading studios such as Fahrenheit, Clusta, and Sequence, this collection illustrates the ingenious solutions to one of the most difficult and important aspects of web design".

Well, the book is a good one, specially for people who don´t surf on the web. For me the most important thing of a website done in Flash or Flex, is the menu, and menu is a sinonimous of navigation. In this book the 90% of the websites are done in Flash and Flex (as usual in Wiedemann´s books).

As in other books of Wiedemann I miss some more content, a prototype section would have been a great idea for this book. Anyway, we find good works with masks as Elanskis, great websites from photographers as janknoff, towndrow, Mark Holthusen, Take Agency, Thomas Rusch.

Referring to navigation I like very much the websites from Asylum and glasshouse mixing illustration with navigation, iconic websites as Subraumstudio, mouse navigation sites as Worse than a fairy tail and CenterPlan, grid button ones as Tilt Design Studio, portfolios as Studio FM Milano, circular menus as DankaStudio, skinning navigation sites as this from volvo, perspective as AxeSaone, and lastly this from Julie Bayard.

Lots of french sites that I didn´t knew. Where are the japanese in the book?
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