Thursday, 26 November 2009

This week on Comet´s browser 271109

1- First HipopotamStudio, good Studio reference from Poland, the makers of Bubol

2- How to be Creative: A video I´ve seen from someone I´m following on Twitter. I like the presentation and the graphics, as good as the ones from 180360720

How To Be Creative (OR: How Can I Possibly Do Justice To This Subject In One Hour?) from Jeremy Fuksa:Creative Generalist on Vimeo.

3- Volvo Around The World

Volvo - Drive Around the World from The QBF on Vimeo.

4- Actionscript Hype Video from Joshua Davis

HYPE ghosts October 2009 from Joshua Davis on Vimeo.

5- Avatar Movie, prelaunching. Specially the Air Interactive app, see details on this post from Serge Jespers. also in their YouTubeChannel.

6- Embeded Flash Ad from Nissan

7- RichMedia from BMW (Eyeblaster)
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