Sunday, 8 November 2009

AS3 Video Experiments

To do this you need:
- A camara, in this case, a broken Sony Ericsson W910. Yes it is broken, the effect of the image is not any plugin or filter, the mobile just fell down on the floor and its camera records as you see ;-]
- One online designer, in this case my workmate Elena Balduque.
- Free time and sense of humour. Well we did this on rest-times in our work. You can see here other videos like me eating chips here:

The aim was playing with cuepoints and events in AS3. I mus say, we recorded 10 videos, first one very long and then 9 different videos in nine positions, each one looking at the camara from a different view.

So first thing I tried was to implement the nine videos in a Flash via Netstream so as to deploy them. Once the user clicks any video this one becomes the central one and all the other videos just look at the selected one. The problem about this was that if you hadn´t a good connection videos were lost and all the experiment misunderstood.

So loading nine videos was near impossible. This is what I made: A timeline with 9 labels. So with the events I move from one to another depending on the position, is just adjusting.

You just can see the demo here:

Just click and you will see what I mean.
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