Monday, 5 October 2009

Great news from Adobe!!!

So, at the end it wasn´t Flex, it was Flash who introduced itself on the iPhone (I´m sorry about you flexers ;-])

All members from the Flash Community are posting about the new upcoming features of Flash CS5, mainly:

- Applications for iPhone
- New text capabilities via the Text Layout Framework (TLF)
- XML based FLA files
- Code Snippets panel
- Flash Builder™ integration
- Improved ActionScript editor

(see more here)

What can we say about this? This is a big step, one of the biggest, even more if we take into account that more and more users are using their mobile devices to get into the internet or to use apps.

We can say also that Adobe has thought on designers migrating from AS2 to AS3 (code snippets panel), on integration (same point of view as CS3), and has improved some things they really had to do, such as text capabilities and the Actionscript Editor. YES I´m using it, I have used it since I learnt Flash and I will use it, no matter what you say.

For the Flash Community these are great news! Probably we won´t have to migrate to see our apps in the iPhone, the browser will have to wait until Apple decission...

More info:

Adobe Labs

Mike Chambers

with reference to:

"Improved ActionScript editor"
- Adobe Labs - Adobe Flash Professional CS5 (ver en Google Sidewiki)

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