Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Rich Media

I had a little chat with a friend working for Eyewonder and decided to post about it.

In Spain, and differing from other countries the rich formats leader is Eyeblaster. There are also some new firms as Richandreach but the other two are the main ones.

Eyeblaster has just published the content of the sessions they already did in Madrid. You can watch this video of Pablo Morales from Eyeblaster talking about future and change. Also take a look at the other videos of the congress on the right.

Mas allá del click - Pablo Morales - Eyeblaster from Eyeblaster Spain on Vimeo.

Ok, let´s talk now about Eyewonder!
My friend told me: Now it is the time for videoplayers, tickers and overlays. You will see also a lot of lateral scrolls. For example:

This is a creation from Eyewonder Germany. It has 3 banners, two of them sincronized, with a superlateral layer (2400 x875). I scored 374m, did you beat me?

Another one will be this, usually they go inside this kind of websites.

What about crisis? Internet is beatting the TV, all of us know, anyway campaings are a bit poor cos there are creativities without video or impressions are passed to display (gif, jpg, etc.)

The cost of a campaign is between 1.000 and 2.000€, it depends. Some charge just CPM (cost per 1.000 impressions), it is usually standard and depends on the work donde.
Take a look at this one and wait for the banner to load.

What can I say about this?
Ok, if you have to work with them, just don´t do like me!, call them first! It´s better!
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