Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Thoughts on Infographics websites

This is a personal ecuation I have:

Infographic + Gaming website = Success!!!

Ok, let´s see some examples:

This is called PlayPrime, comes from Japan, awarded in DesignLicks. Although it should have a better English version (I can´t read Japanese by now), you can select a player, move around the scenario, play games. Very amusing.

Second example: DodgeQuest, it looks like an 80´s game, pixel fonts, dialogues, this is gaming! A very good idea!

Third example: ComcastTown, just awarded in FWA and mentioned in AdobeEdgeNL. You can interact with the town, discover, move and whatsoever.

Fourth example: Desktop Vacation from HybridWorks, this is just like an interactive screensaver, but it has the same idea. A relaxing interactive infographic.

You can see more infographics here, some dinamyc. Also there are good videos on YouTube although I prefer websites...

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