Monday, 8 June 2009

Thoughts on Flash Analytics and indexing

Recetnly I had the opportunity to check how good it works the Google Analitycs library for Actionscript 3. Also I checked what they say about flash searcheability in Adobe, in Googleblog and in GoogleWebMasterCentral.

So, what are my conclussions?

A big step was taken, but we still can do more. I´d like to shut up all those stupid bigmouths talking about Flash not indexing on Google and so on. I can do it in a 50%, but I still want more!

I had a look in the forums from SEOmoz and SEO pages, to see what´s their opinion about Flash searcheability. Their opinion is quite near to mine, they think things have improved but there´s still a lot to do in this area.

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