Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Flash/Flex jobs names

Whenever you look for jobs in the Flash/Flex Market, it is interesting how many names you can find in it.

So I took I walk on the jobsites to see how are people calling them.

First we have the skill: Senior, Junior, Expert, Freelance, Interactive, Creative, Digital, Front-End, Multimedia, Visual...

Secondly the main software the candidate uses, Flash, Flex, Silverlight or it could be just "software" or "Actionscript 3.0"

Lastly the main function: Animator, Designer, Developer, Programmer, Manager, Producer, Devigner, Engineer, Professional...

From that you can make lots of combinations like: Visual Flash Programmer, Senior Actionscript 3.0 Developer, Interactive Flash Producer, Flex Engineer, Front-End Flash Developer, Digital Professional, Visual Producer or whatsoever...

What´s yours?
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