Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Web Design Flashfolios

This is one of the last releases from Taschen.

I can say this time this book is a good one. Every Art Director should have it. There are good websites about revival as 2xu, from photographers like Chris Woods or Fabio Lana, color playing as Cheval Detroie, good french sites as hello hikimori ,Julie Bayard, Dankastudio and Lamoscope, fullscreen video sites as Gudrun Gudrun, other reference sites as Angle Management, Neutral or the one from N-load, Gringo or Uniform, cool!

The author is as usual, Julius Wiedermann from Brazil. You can get more info about the book here.

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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Creativity Screensaver

I have programmed this screensaver for those interested in creativity. Developed in Actionscript 3. I have made two versions, black and white. You can watch online the black version here or the white version here. Feel free to download it for Mac or Pc.

In the past I made some work with CID which is an association promoting Creativity and Innovation Day, on April 21st. So I decided to do my best playing with bubbles, colors, inspiring creativity sentences...

I had some problems with the recursive calls in tweenning while using greenshock classes but at the end I resolved them.

Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The banner is dead?

This stupid statement is what I rode last week in an article from Ainda. What can I say? Probably it is written from a websurfer´s point of view, not from an average user. Moreover, these people are always talking about usability and those things...

Sometimes I spend time looking at the creativity of banners, take a look at BannerBlog. I was surpised last week when I firs saw Skittles.

My question here is if in the future banners will still be made with Flash. Perhaps Adobe should launch another software just for banners or perhaps it will be Flash while Flex will be for RIAs.