Monday, 26 January 2009

Web Design: Video Sites

So, here is my opinion about this book. You can have it here in Taschen.

I miss more theory content instead of just screens and screens. There was a news in Spain some time ago saying that we spend more time in internet than in tv. This idea is taken by Wiedemann, he reminds the song "video killed the radio star".

Other main idea of the book is the "do it yourself", cos now everyone has access to make videos, but for me videosites should be more than just playing videos on the web, interactivity is the key. So the main points here are speed (see Japan sites please) and interactivity.

There are good examples from Adidas, transitions as the ones from blackbeltmonkey, or maximeperelmuter, music sites as muselive, funny sites as relearntodrive or wouldyoulikeawebsite. But I am more interested in whole video sites, so please visit feelSomething or the nice timeline of whalefootage or this one from Saab.

So although I like very much Wiedermann I would say many of us could make this book just in a day. I miss cue points, miss more about interactivity and definitelly miss vodafoneJourney

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