Thursday, 8 January 2009

How can Adobe make learning ActionScript 3 easier?

I was censured yesterday after making a comment on Mike Chambers' blog, How can Adobe make learning ActionScript 3 easier?

This is what I wrote:

"I am an animator-programmer with a background design migrating from AS2 to AS3

- First thing I shall say is that opinions in this blog don´t come from designers as expected (I am specifically interested in input from anyone who does not consider themselves hardcore developers).

- Second: Related to migration to AS3:

- We need more examples: There are good ones in Kirupa or in theFlashBlog but we still want more. For a designer examples must be CLEAR and SIMPLE, I have not found yet a good example about a whole website or frameworks.

- The DisplayList is bad done. There are things which used to be much more easier in AS2 and methods removed. Read Collin Moock. Usually a designer doesn´t need too much code. he just makes banners, microsites, maintennance work and websites. If you want a designer to use Flash with AS3 I think there´s no point. He will probably move to Flash Catalyst or will stay in AS2. I think this is a question of profiles, you cannot place a designer to program in OOP with AS3. If you want him to use Flash with AS3 you will have to think in other alternatives.

- There are good books as "Learning ActionScript 3.0 a Beginners Guide". But I cannot say the same from Adobe."

So, I understand he doesn´t like my opinion, but I think it should be there with the others...

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