Tuesday, 27 January 2009

7 days of crisis, flash jobmarket in Europe

The word "crisis" comes from greek, it means change. I have always talked a lot about job market for flashers and actionscripters, so here is my experience.

Day 0: Monday 18:00 hours I´m given the sack. I´m told there´s no production, don´t come tomorrow Mr. Comet! Oh yes! I´m happy! What an illusion!
Days 1 y 2: I just sleep only 4 hours working in my cv, portfolio, preparing contacts and all that.
Day 3: How is the market! Websurfing on portals, webs, consultants, get in touch with headhunters, contacts, friends. The answer: The market is OK. There´re plenty of offers, both for flash design or for hard flash programming.
Days 4 - 6: Just in one week I have talked to more than 5 interactive agencies. Ok, this is Madrid and I have contacts but I am not a crack in programming or designing although I do both things. I say again, there´s no flasher unemployed, at least here.
Day 7: I have an offer, I accept, end of the crisis.

So, what can I say? I have moved fast, I don´t like to be stopped. It called my attention there´s a huge market now for freelancing.

About my last job I won´t say anything, just that things can be done better. What I can say is that flashers continue being special, they look for us. Consultants, headhunters, agencies, portals, etc. Where is the next generation of flash designers/programmers? I can´t see it yet...
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