Monday, 21 December 2009

Comments on Flash CS5 Video

I´ve just seen the video from Flash CS5 in TheFlashBlog, hereafter some comments about it:

- Workflow: I am totally amazed with the idea of the xml format and the new publishing features of the new Flah CS5. I am not sure but it look like now if a designer wants to change a picture from a banner, for example, he won´t need to open Flash, just can change it in the dinamyc library. Probably the same for texts. Moreover, I this this can be done just editing the xml or overwritting the file. Fantastic!

The publishing settings, the xml format (reminds me of Silverlight) and the SWF History are going to improve definetely the designer/programmer workflow.

- Code Snippets Panel: Lee says he has "tears in his eyes" when he sees this. I think many designers will as well. Little pieces of code that will help designers for migration to AS3. I hope anyone can customize this the way you can do in Photoshop with the Actions panel.

- Nice news also from video adjustments and text formats for the new release.

- Improvements on the Flash IDE code pannel (Yes, I am one of the 3% that still uses it!) and on the connection to run projects from Flash Builder (Flex) easily.

Just a couple of things I´ve seen:
- No support for Actionscript 2: This is positive in my opinion
- No support for Flash CS3: Well, many of us will jump from CS3 to CS5. We all know about the problems CS4 has and programmers, not only designers are looking forward to hearing from Flash CS5 release.
- Not much about iPhone, by now!

More Info:
Flash CS5 TheFlashBlog video
Flash CS5 in Adobe Labs

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Adobe Power Ranger

I saw this in Ceslava´s twitter and reminded me of Power Rangers.

The video is called Adobe Comando, Toni Lirio, worker from Adobe and one of his webinar experiences, presented this animation for an internal price. It transmits with high fidelity the concept of multidisciplinar work from Adobe. This is the video for the promo of CS4

And this one the original from Power Ranger

Thursday, 26 November 2009

This week on Comet´s browser 271109

1- First HipopotamStudio, good Studio reference from Poland, the makers of Bubol

2- How to be Creative: A video I´ve seen from someone I´m following on Twitter. I like the presentation and the graphics, as good as the ones from 180360720

How To Be Creative (OR: How Can I Possibly Do Justice To This Subject In One Hour?) from Jeremy Fuksa:Creative Generalist on Vimeo.

3- Volvo Around The World

Volvo - Drive Around the World from The QBF on Vimeo.

4- Actionscript Hype Video from Joshua Davis

HYPE ghosts October 2009 from Joshua Davis on Vimeo.

5- Avatar Movie, prelaunching. Specially the Air Interactive app, see details on this post from Serge Jespers. also in their YouTubeChannel.

6- Embeded Flash Ad from Nissan

7- RichMedia from BMW (Eyeblaster)

Monday, 23 November 2009

Web Design Navigation, Julius Wiedemann

I bought this book about three months ago but I have had too much work to port about it. You can find the resume and buy the book on line in the Taschen shop, where they say: "This addition to our popular Web Design series focuses on very carefully crafted navigation systems, where usability and narrative are taken in consideration in the development of the website. Featuring over 90 projects from more than 20 countries, as well as case studies on outstanding work by the world’s leading studios such as Fahrenheit, Clusta, and Sequence, this collection illustrates the ingenious solutions to one of the most difficult and important aspects of web design".

Well, the book is a good one, specially for people who don´t surf on the web. For me the most important thing of a website done in Flash or Flex, is the menu, and menu is a sinonimous of navigation. In this book the 90% of the websites are done in Flash and Flex (as usual in Wiedemann´s books).

As in other books of Wiedemann I miss some more content, a prototype section would have been a great idea for this book. Anyway, we find good works with masks as Elanskis, great websites from photographers as janknoff, towndrow, Mark Holthusen, Take Agency, Thomas Rusch.

Referring to navigation I like very much the websites from Asylum and glasshouse mixing illustration with navigation, iconic websites as Subraumstudio, mouse navigation sites as Worse than a fairy tail and CenterPlan, grid button ones as Tilt Design Studio, portfolios as Studio FM Milano, circular menus as DankaStudio, skinning navigation sites as this from volvo, perspective as AxeSaone, and lastly this from Julie Bayard.

Lots of french sites that I didn´t knew. Where are the japanese in the book?

Sunday, 22 November 2009

is the crisis over?

At least that´s what they say about more powerfull countries (in terms of economy).

Probably in the online area and specially in Actionscript platform, has there been a crisis? Is it finished?

I strongly think January is gonna have a big movement in job offers, you know companies making budgets and all those things.

I was laid off last year in January, it just cost me 10 days to find another job. But perhaps now it´s a good time to see this trailer about the topic I´ve seen on Twitter.

See more about the movie Lemonade here.
Seen on AdBrandEtc.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Augmented Reality last examples

Some things I have lastly seen on web, just five examples of good use of this technology

Zugara: Fashionista

Esquire Augmented Reality video: A tour

Layar, first mobile to have AR (Android)

AKQA Augmented Reality for USPS

Nearest Tube Augmented Reality App for iPhone 3GS

Augmented Reality Business Cards



Sunday, 8 November 2009

AS3 Video Experiments

To do this you need:
- A camara, in this case, a broken Sony Ericsson W910. Yes it is broken, the effect of the image is not any plugin or filter, the mobile just fell down on the floor and its camera records as you see ;-]
- One online designer, in this case my workmate Elena Balduque.
- Free time and sense of humour. Well we did this on rest-times in our work. You can see here other videos like me eating chips here:

The aim was playing with cuepoints and events in AS3. I mus say, we recorded 10 videos, first one very long and then 9 different videos in nine positions, each one looking at the camara from a different view.

So first thing I tried was to implement the nine videos in a Flash via Netstream so as to deploy them. Once the user clicks any video this one becomes the central one and all the other videos just look at the selected one. The problem about this was that if you hadn´t a good connection videos were lost and all the experiment misunderstood.

So loading nine videos was near impossible. This is what I made: A timeline with 9 labels. So with the events I move from one to another depending on the position, is just adjusting.

You just can see the demo here:

Just click and you will see what I mean.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Firefox update + Flashplayer installation

At least in Europe, this is what you find when updating your Firefox version

Once you follow the link you go directly to Adobe. They have placed there the McAfee Security Scan with the FlashPlayer. Truely, I don´t like this, I have my own antivirus.

Last step: Installation

Monday, 26 October 2009

What should have Flash CS5 Code Snippets panel?

They have talked a lot about the possibility of making iPhone apps from the new upcoming FlashCS5. Good news!

Anyway, we can´t miss the point about designers moving to programming or just designers using Actionscript 3. So this is the question:

If you were a designer what would you like to have in the new Flash CS5?

For this the Code Snippets Panel is really a great answer. I am sure many designers have already used this kind of panels (Gaia Framework, Event Generator, Quesy Tools, Kuler). You just install an .mxp and all it´s done! Easy! With no code.

So, what should Flash CS5 have in Code snippets Panel to help designers?
This is my whish list:

- Preload: Instead of making it coding, a simple preload could be prepared for this
- FullScreen: Liquid Design configuration. I could be included a FullScreen Background image option, so when you change your browser width or height you would see it ok. As SWffit does
- Google Analytics: We´ve seen it as a .swc, a panel would be good also
- Gaia Framework: I think this panel is done for programmers, it should be even more easy. Just think you are a designer and you don´t know nothing about code
- Loading external swf
- Motion pannel: Somethin as Greensock does or editing the new possibilities of bones animations
- XML Load
- Sound Load
- Load BitMapData
- Forms, could be included the connection to a php, Email checking, etc.
- SWF Object and SWF Address integration
- A menu builder
- 3D integration (PaperVision, Away3d)
- Text Formatting (as panels in Photoshop do)
- Banner Creation: With things that designers need (Clicktag, invisible button, etc.)
- Image Gallery

Monday, 19 October 2009

Talking about Interactive Awards

If you have free time and money you can participate in any of these awards. You will have to pay a fee to do so. Some references:

- Webby Awards: You can visit their channel in YouTube , well done, although videos seem to be small. Visit also the official website of the Webby Awards.

- Festival of Cannes. See there the interaction works, there´re good ones.

More videos in the official web of the Cannes festival.

- Pixel Awards: You have here all the awarded.

- Adobe Design Achivement Awards: From Adobe

- D&AD Student Awards: They have just released the briefings for the new contest. You should be a student. The fee is about 15€.

- Dexigner competitions: Very interesting international contest.

- 2010 ANDY Awards: This ones have a very funny presentation. You choose the jury

Why Elect The Jury? from 2010 ANDY Awards on Vimeo.

- Interactive Media Awards, winners here

- How Design Awards

There are also good contest on FlashBookmarks (Inspiration and awards).

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Advertising on blogs

I suppose you have read about these news lastly:
upongo que habréis leído últimamente estas dos noticias:

- The online advertising 'is put under the magnifying glass of U.S. Congress
- Coto advertising on blogs

The first deals with the issue of control of Internet advertising. You know Google or other sites, they can store our data and preferences and advertise with them. This is a subject already past but occasionally comes to the fore.

The second is on the line of surreptitious advertising and sponsorship. In the USA if you have a blog and advertise something you must do so openly, not hidden "bloggers to publish a sponsorship must disclose what type of materials have connections with the seller of that product or service." If not, they face fines of up to 7,500 euros. "

Well, this is what is happening in America, but could come to Europe quickly. It's easy: I am the agency, I do not want to spend as much dough to make a media plan or go out in the most popular media sites (eg online newspapers), I'll pay blogs and bloggers either in cash or in kind. I get cheaper, and make noise about my product and it also creates good opinion of the product that I offer.

In Spain Waskmann did something with Vodafone and The Post Impossible. Well, this is not prohibited in Spain by any means, but I would class as "smart advertising". So watch out, your purchase could be induced my friend.

More info here

Monday, 5 October 2009

Great news from Adobe!!!

So, at the end it wasn´t Flex, it was Flash who introduced itself on the iPhone (I´m sorry about you flexers ;-])

All members from the Flash Community are posting about the new upcoming features of Flash CS5, mainly:

- Applications for iPhone
- New text capabilities via the Text Layout Framework (TLF)
- XML based FLA files
- Code Snippets panel
- Flash Builder™ integration
- Improved ActionScript editor

(see more here)

What can we say about this? This is a big step, one of the biggest, even more if we take into account that more and more users are using their mobile devices to get into the internet or to use apps.

We can say also that Adobe has thought on designers migrating from AS2 to AS3 (code snippets panel), on integration (same point of view as CS3), and has improved some things they really had to do, such as text capabilities and the Actionscript Editor. YES I´m using it, I have used it since I learnt Flash and I will use it, no matter what you say.

For the Flash Community these are great news! Probably we won´t have to migrate to see our apps in the iPhone, the browser will have to wait until Apple decission...

More info:

Adobe Labs

Mike Chambers

with reference to:

"Improved ActionScript editor"
- Adobe Labs - Adobe Flash Professional CS5 (ver en Google Sidewiki)

Monday, 21 September 2009

Thoughts on designers moving to programming

Some thoughts about the jump from designing to programming and about workflow

Theory 1: The number of designers moving to programming has decreased
Is there a magician who tells you about your future? Designer or programmer? What are you? There´s a ditch between them and it´s getting bigger!

There are some programmers who used to design but they realised they´d better do programming cos it was easy, practice and a challenge.

Flashers used to be outsiders, the frontieer between design and programming. We were called Flash designers/animators/programmers. Now this has changed. Many of us moved from design to programming but I can´t see this migration anymore. Why?

I have some possible answers: It´s difficult, it´s not a vocation, there´s no need to do it, Adobe´s policy...

Theory 2: Programmer vs. Designer
There were programmers working with computers before all designers began to use it. Why are we sometimes considered just as producers ?

Designer: Someone who designs
Programmer: Someone who programs

I wonder how a designer can tell how things will move on the screen. They shouldn´t do about interaction if there´s a flasher in the team.

I don´t know what´s worst: a customer trying to design or a designer trying to animate something. The answer is always the same: Why don´t you do it?

In the end, the most important thing for the good work of an agency, a studio or so, is the workflow. The rest are just stories and stories

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Bing + Flash

So, I was making some experiments on Flashsites on Bing, the result I have is nothing. Bing is obviously not indexing Flash content on its searches.

I tend to think that this is another political issue: Silverlight vs. Flash, but I don´t know if Bing ins indexing Silverlight content. Anyway if we are hand to hand to Google we won´t haver problems.

If you want to register a site freely in Bing, just go here. You can upload your sitemap or apply for an appID, etc. (I have the strange feeling of having seen this anywhere else haha). I saw the banner on hotmail not in any other site.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Comet & Actionscript Photo Slideshow

This is the photo gallery of this blog after three years bloggin. It is curious to see how fast web changes.

Also embedded in a HTML

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Axion: Banner Concerts

Following our speach about new formats, we already talked about RichMedia, today we will talk about really creative banners.

I found it on Estrategias, NetCandy and

This idea comes from a bank. The target is young people from 20 to 30, do they like music? Yes they do. Next step: Place concerts in little banners so bands can upload their concerts to the banners. You can see an example in BannerConcerts, more details of the campaign in the official site.


Banner-Concerts from el blog de yahoraque on Vimeo.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Tron Legacy

So a Tron is just a trace for Flash

Same as previous haha

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Absolut NoLabel

A good initiative from Absolut
, here it is!

For example you can have something like this:

Monday, 13 July 2009

VideoGames Evolution

Fantastic video from MSLBVR, the animation was planned and animated as the prologue / intro to a documentary. (That explains the absurd, seemingly unfinished, ending. That is where the actual documentary starts.... )

The briefing was to show an evolution of computer games.
The documentary itself is about different people, based here in germany, showing their everyday life, and their addiction to the same specific, famous MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) that starts with a "W".

Every game character in this prologue was reinterpreted, redrawn ( pixel at a time), and animated frame by frame.

Video Games from MUSCLEBEAVER on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Rich Media

I had a little chat with a friend working for Eyewonder and decided to post about it.

In Spain, and differing from other countries the rich formats leader is Eyeblaster. There are also some new firms as Richandreach but the other two are the main ones.

Eyeblaster has just published the content of the sessions they already did in Madrid. You can watch this video of Pablo Morales from Eyeblaster talking about future and change. Also take a look at the other videos of the congress on the right.

Mas allá del click - Pablo Morales - Eyeblaster from Eyeblaster Spain on Vimeo.

Ok, let´s talk now about Eyewonder!
My friend told me: Now it is the time for videoplayers, tickers and overlays. You will see also a lot of lateral scrolls. For example:

This is a creation from Eyewonder Germany. It has 3 banners, two of them sincronized, with a superlateral layer (2400 x875). I scored 374m, did you beat me?

Another one will be this, usually they go inside this kind of websites.

What about crisis? Internet is beatting the TV, all of us know, anyway campaings are a bit poor cos there are creativities without video or impressions are passed to display (gif, jpg, etc.)

The cost of a campaign is between 1.000 and 2.000€, it depends. Some charge just CPM (cost per 1.000 impressions), it is usually standard and depends on the work donde.
Take a look at this one and wait for the banner to load.

What can I say about this?
Ok, if you have to work with them, just don´t do like me!, call them first! It´s better!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Mad009 Report

So this is what I feel like about the event

Day 1 / Friday 26

- Design Interaction Masterclass: I couldn´t go because of work. It was about prototyping and things like that.

- LaDespensa: Neither did I go. This is a Spanish Agency centered in video and advertising.

- GrupoW: Nice! I have always thought tha GroupW abuses of using video websites, specially as the y haven´t the same speed as Europe (Mexico). Some of their sites have excesive preloading times. Anyway, I liked very mucha their interactive sites, their advergaming, the making of of the projects, and yes, yes we flash!!!

- Interbrand: Very interesting, they made a seminar in DMSTK some time ago. I didn´t know they had done the trademark of Mad009. Very serius and corporative. It is quite curious the alliance between DMSTK + Interbrand, can be a great one! They´re planning exporting the format of the event to Lisboa, London and some place more I miss.

- Herraiz & Soto: One of my favorites related to interaction. In the past they were the best hand to hand with DoubleYou, but this one lost a lot when Borgström left them. They talk about making Rock and Roll and having fans instead of customers (as Apple). Also they talked a lot about where is the advertising market going. They defend and promote technology. Great!

- Antoine et Manuel: These two amusing french people have lots of talent and many many jobs, some even in the Louvre. I´m happy to have news from our neighbours. They had some problems with the English but it was great when they talked about the money they got and things like that.

- Alex Trochut: Designers were really enthusiastic with this boy. It was interesting to hear about his trayectory and his family. Alex Trochut or how to become an artist, I would say. I think he´s got much more work than what he showed. Anyway his speech was about his progress.

- Johny Kelly: A last-minute exibition cos he was the substitute of n Hilman Curtis que estaba enfermo. He is the author of Procrastination and The Seed. Told us about the making of of his motion graphics. He even tried to record the noise of lobsters boiling!!! Saturday we had the opportunity to have meal with him and he told us how is it to work in London.

Day 2 / Saturday 27

- Laura Meseguer: I couldn´t go because of work. She´s a tipografist talking about which type to choose and when.

- DNX Group: If you follow Mad009 impressions he is being critizised. This is because he talked about a university that he wants to place in Spain. People misunderstood him and thought all he wanted to do was selling a Master. But it wasn´t, cos everything comes from a fundation. Anyway, he also explained about a travel he made around Europe and America getting in touch with the best Interaction and Design Colleges.

- BaseMotion: For me the best. They talked about workflow, creative phases, interaction customer-agency. The works Perspectives and Telex are really good!

- Agency Republic: I think this man know a lot about advertising, but I´m not sure Augmented reality is the best way to make an exhibition. His theme was creativity, with a lot of examples. His voice would be something like: - Believe!

- Domestika: From the organizers of the event, I couldn´t attend.

- Waskman: Last year was the best. This time they took the Marketing Director of Vodafone Spain so as to see the customer´s point of view. This is an agency making events and promotions, really funny. It´s amazing how they use advertising laterally (using bloggers or news).

- Trevor Jackson: This was an interview with this multidisciplinar artist-designer. Nice format.

- Pentagram: Great works but I missed a bit more rythmical exhibition.

What can I tell about the organisers? It was good. This year you could see two screens instead of one. More media. Masterclass (special class about tipography and interaction).

Actually this is a multidisciplinar event in touch with Design, Motion, Art, Interaction, Music, and at the same time answering some important questions everyone of us have: Workflow, how to make things? Why? Where is all these going? etc.

Johnny Kelly and Comet

The event organisers´


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Mad09, there we go!

If you are in Madrid tomorrow and you´re interested in Flash and Design, you should attend to MadInSpain09, this is a Spanish event from Domestika related to Design, Motion, Interaction, Web, events...

I´ll be posting about the event from my iPhone so us to keep you updated

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Flash/Flex jobs names

Whenever you look for jobs in the Flash/Flex Market, it is interesting how many names you can find in it.

So I took I walk on the jobsites to see how are people calling them.

First we have the skill: Senior, Junior, Expert, Freelance, Interactive, Creative, Digital, Front-End, Multimedia, Visual...

Secondly the main software the candidate uses, Flash, Flex, Silverlight or it could be just "software" or "Actionscript 3.0"

Lastly the main function: Animator, Designer, Developer, Programmer, Manager, Producer, Devigner, Engineer, Professional...

From that you can make lots of combinations like: Visual Flash Programmer, Senior Actionscript 3.0 Developer, Interactive Flash Producer, Flex Engineer, Front-End Flash Developer, Digital Professional, Visual Producer or whatsoever...

What´s yours?

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Thoughts on Infographics websites

This is a personal ecuation I have:

Infographic + Gaming website = Success!!!

Ok, let´s see some examples:

This is called PlayPrime, comes from Japan, awarded in DesignLicks. Although it should have a better English version (I can´t read Japanese by now), you can select a player, move around the scenario, play games. Very amusing.

Second example: DodgeQuest, it looks like an 80´s game, pixel fonts, dialogues, this is gaming! A very good idea!

Third example: ComcastTown, just awarded in FWA and mentioned in AdobeEdgeNL. You can interact with the town, discover, move and whatsoever.

Fourth example: Desktop Vacation from HybridWorks, this is just like an interactive screensaver, but it has the same idea. A relaxing interactive infographic.

You can see more infographics here, some dinamyc. Also there are good videos on YouTube although I prefer websites...

Monday, 8 June 2009

Thoughts on Flash Analytics and indexing

Recetnly I had the opportunity to check how good it works the Google Analitycs library for Actionscript 3. Also I checked what they say about flash searcheability in Adobe, in Googleblog and in GoogleWebMasterCentral.

So, what are my conclussions?

A big step was taken, but we still can do more. I´d like to shut up all those stupid bigmouths talking about Flash not indexing on Google and so on. I can do it in a 50%, but I still want more!

I had a look in the forums from SEOmoz and SEO pages, to see what´s their opinion about Flash searcheability. Their opinion is quite near to mine, they think things have improved but there´s still a lot to do in this area.

Iñaki Villuendas Lagunas

This is a work from an old companion from school. He has just won the prize for my hometown festivals. I can say he is really good, even better drawing than designing.

Great work Iñaki!!

Friday, 5 June 2009

The internet mapping project

A idea from one of the creators of the internet (kevin kelly). You´ll see it better here.
It reminds me of mind maps. Check more info about them in

You can do yours downloading the pdf here

Wouldn´t i be greater to make an interactive version of it?

Thursday, 4 June 2009

New iPhone features, Flash unlikey support

At least that´s what they say on this draw from Crave. We already knew it.
The question is: Is it possible to change my 3G iPhone for one of this?

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Google Wave Coming

So, what is this? The competence to Facebook?
At least it looks good!

Check the video from Google Wave:

You can sign up for the beta here.
Also another video from Linkedin Interactive Group:

Some screen of the app:
More info on Mashable

Tuesday, 2 June 2009 a Youtube website

Take a look at this. A good implantation of cue points, frames and so on:

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Interactive Credo

What´s your interactive Credo like? Mine would be something like this:

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Can´t stop surfing

Too much work these days, no time for blogging, social nets, web surfing or so. Just animation, work and work. Anyway it seems things calm down again. Some good links I found today:

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Microsoft 2019 Lab Visions

<a href=";playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:a517b260-bb6b-48b9-87ac-8e2743a28ec5&amp;showPlaylist=true&amp;from=shared" target="_new" title="Future Vision Montage">Video: Future Vision Montage</a>

Interesting Motion, it reminds me of surfer

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Yes we can, Comunica+A

A video presentation of the Agency where I work.

Flash on the iPhone Comic

I don´t know why but there´s a special connection between flashers and the iPhone, for example we had a flashers´meeting last week and there were seven of us, out of eight, having and iPhone.
So, here are some flashes for the iPhone:

Flash on the iPhone: Faster! More speed!

Flash on the iPhone: Spectacular!
Flash on the iPhone: The film, ¿Steve Jobs or Ming?

Flash on the iPhone: Just download the plugin!

Flash on the iPhone: Brilliant!

Flash on the iPhone: Only for heroes!

Flash on the iPhone: Special promotions!

Flash on the iPhone: A story of love and hate

Flash on the iPhone: Portrait

Flash on the iPhone: I hope my sons see this

Flash on the iPhone: Run! Don´t wait!

Flash on the iPhone: You can download the comic

Flash on the iPhone: Logo

Flash on the iPhone: T-shirt

Flash on the iPhone: Includes the original soundtrack from Queen

Flash on the iPhone: CS4 Release

Flash on the iPhone: Cool

Flash on the iPhone