Thursday, 27 November 2008

Comments on Adobe Catalyst video

Introduction to Adobe Flash Catalyst from ScaleNine on Vimeo.

I am just amazing with the content of this video from ScaleNine. As far as I can see, I think we will have many of these until the official launch comes. When will be the day? Who knows? We´ll have to keep an eye on AdobeLabs.

First thing I see is that the interface looks like the Flex one. However, I think this is more a software for designers than for programmers because I see the video and see how easy it is to use.

Shall I say devigners instead of designers? Probably. I see here the answer to all those designers migrated to Flash programming and in the jump to Actionscript 3 or Flex. And also an answer to all designers looking for easy interaction.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

No Flash for the iPhone

After reading Wired and Microsiervos (the most popular blog in Spain) many of us could think seriously about the idea of buying an iPhone. Mainly because it looks like it won´t have flash support as it is said in the article.

Before there were some rumours saying that it was all a question of politics between Adobe and Apple and they even launched a history of all the agreements and disagreements between them. But to be honest I believe more in the point of view of Wired.

So. Any alternative?

Monday, 17 November 2008

Adobe Flash Catalyst: Yes they can!

So here it is! Codename Thermo called now Catalyst.
We are happy about it! If you are a designer you should take this train. You will have work for ages. Moreover thinking of the many companies devolping in Flex.

This is the answer for designers and interactive programmers. It looks like Dreamweaver for Flash but well done.

This is my question: Will designers use it instead of Photoshop? I don´t know, probably you can use them together with some good import options. Adobe wants to change the workflow, and yes, they can!

Be informed here!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

My brother is Han Solo, framerate experiments

This is my brother Charlie! Following examples from Learning Actionscript 3.0, a beginners´guide and thoughts about it form Llops´blog, I found my brother.

My little brother Charlie is working in Switzerland, he is an engineer working as specialist in materials. So he was scanned in different positions so as to measure material tensions. Then he sent me about 70 photos of the scan that I placed every 4 frames in the timeline. Later I just adjusted the possibility of changing the framerate here.

I think that from 61 frames and more it goes ok.

-> Chalie experiment.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Actionscript vs. Timeline Animation

Why is it better to animate with code?

In most of the cases I find the following reasons:

- There are not 1500 frames as I´ve found in timeline animation.
- There are not 50 layers or so.
- There are not 100 movieclips. I make script animations with 2 frames or just one, and two layers (content an Actions) or a Document Class. Sometimes more layers just to see it clearer.
- I don´t use masks, if I had to use one I´d do it by code.
- Animating by code I have more control of the film.
- This is much more better for maintenance, I have to make a change I won´t die in the try or diving into timeline.
- I can use tweens or similar libraries, so I can make movements that otherwise wouldn´t be possible.
- I can use bitmapData.
- It is clearer, more organized and more effective.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Actionscript bad habits

Hereby a list of things I find daily in my job:

- Malicious code: Code in lots of items such as buttons, movieclips, etc. It takes a long time to see all the code. It should be nested in classes or just in some frames as much, but I find files with code in more than 50 places.

- Using variables instead of arrays. They usually use "Eval" instead of "for in". Using a lot of boolean variables.

- Bad terminology: Something like this: mc_car instead of car_mc. Same for buttons.

- Thousands of movieclips and items in the library instead of using dinamyc creation of them.

- Library Caos: It is not so difficult to make folders: img/sound/mc/buttons

- Excesive use of timeline instead of code. One frame is enough, a bit more depending on your preload (if it´s AS2)

- No version control. So you find files names like: car_definitive.fla, car_definitive2.fla, etc.

- Magic numbers instead of using constants or stage proportions

- Code not tabbed.

- Unnecessary spaces in the code.

- Nule documentation or no comments at all.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Pixel Awards

I like the results fo these Awards, specially more than theWebbyAwards or theFWA.
Why do I say this? I tend to think FWA is too influenced by tecnological advances. About theWebbyAwards I´ll just say that there´re almos 100 prizes or so. Too many...

All of us, programmers, designers, devigners and interactive workers should take a look at them.