Monday, 22 September 2008

Comet Slideshow video

In case you had bad connection...

What is Comet?
video vs. SlideRocket

We already posted about Photoshop in the web, this version, previously known as Photoshop Express, is now officially launched as

I am quite happy about this and all things you can do with it. The most important ones for me is the possibility of importing photos from Picassa, Flickr or Facebook. Of course, you can also make arrangementes to photos and all those things we already know. You can also publish an album. And the best thing is that is free!

On the other hand we find SlideRocket. This is about slideshows, something I like if you have seen my website. You can import a Powerpoint so as to prepare the slides. The transitions are great and you can publish the material in the web also.

So, this kind of applications are perhaps the future. Why do you need to have them in your computer if you can have them on the web?

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Comet Photo Slideshow: What is Comet?

Right now, as I go on with my migration to Actionscript 3.0 I have just made a preview of my portfolio, check it out at

I have also created a Comet Facebook Page, it´s quite easy! And also have created an event for
the Comet Portfolio 3.0 Launch.

So I will be posting here and there about my experiments and advances!

MadInSpain 08, crítics

What can I say about this Design event? Is it all said? This is my personal opinion about it:

- Alberto Corazón: He rode a lot, good ideas but a bit boring.
- Albert Foch: I already knew the fanzine 137, great job! I can´t understand how three people with so good ideas can work together.
- LaMosca: Well, I couldn´t see the infographics very well. It was interesting what they said about workflow.
- AKQA: This people talked more in a concept sense. Perfect.
- Zinkia: Interesting, I don´t think they will have same success with new trademarks as they havd with Pocoyo.
- FarFar: His message: "Create time, ongoing advertising". It was great what they said about workflow: Online should be previous to Offline.

Saturday morning I couldn´t go, so I was there again after lunch:
- Carlos Ulloa: Papervision at all!
- Jung Von Matt: A bit boring, I think due to timetamble. I had listened before to some ideas as writting ads with ASCII in GoogleAds (aMinima).
- Waskman: This was the best. The way they exposed ideas, the workflow, he was a Master!
- Brand New School: I think all of us knew their job for Adobe. It looked like they were showing all the rejected works of the company.
- Joshua Davis: A showman. Truely, all flashers wonder how can a man reach so far with that generative art.

In general it was good. I liked it althought many told me past year was better. I suppose it is difficult to make it with three disciplines: Design, Video and Web, although we saw a lot of multidisciplinar people.

Perhaps they should make 3 days instead of 2.

Half Genetsis in MadInSpain

Monday, 8 September 2008

MadInSpain 08

So! There we are!
Lastly we have a Designers/motionners/programmers festival here in Madrid!
And we are very happy about it. We´ll meet there, change experiences, see other´s people work, interact, have a party. It sounds nice!

If you happen to be in Madrid next friday 12th or saturday 13th, you must be there. There´s no chance!

Some of the people talking: Alberto Corazón, AKQA, Carlos Ulloa about Papervision, Domestika (organizers), Farfar, Helio Vega, LaMosca, Spin, Zinkia, Albert Folch, Brand New School, JVM,
Joshua Davis, Rufus and Waskman.

Some people from motion: Cocoe, Tavo López, Boolab, iikki.

Even more: Abel Martínez, 33rpm, El moreno, Emil Kozak, IAAH, The Hejz, Urban Sapiens, Vasava and VuduMedia

More on MadinSpain

Discover Underworld!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Linkedin Actionscript Group

I created some months ago a group called "Actionscript Group" for those of you who use this application. This a summary about the group:

"This is a group for Actionscript Developers professionals to expand our network of people and ideas.

The mission of the Actionscript Group is to help us to be more effective in our daily work and open doors to opportunities using the professional relationships we already have."

So, as I have posted a lot about Actionscript job market I decided to create this group. The main aim is to make connections between people related to Actionscript. The only requirements to join us are:

1- To be in LinkedIn
2- To be related to Actionscript

If you want to take part just follow the invitation, or check my profile at Linkedin.

View Fernando Comet's profile on LinkedIn