Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Expo Zaragoza 2008

Although I live in Madrid since the last three years, I spent the weekeend in my hometown, Zaragoza, visiting the Expo Zaragoza 2008, International Expo "Water and Sustainable Development".

It was a very nice experience, lots of pavillions from differente countries, activities, multimedia experiences, deep thoughts about water in the world. If you happen to come to Spain until September 14th, I strongly recommend you to visit Zaragoza and the Expo.

Moreover, my personal recommendations for this event: This weekend Expo passed the visitor 2 million so you´d better visit it from monday to thursday. The first thing you should do is taking the fast-pass to any of the more visited pavillions. There are over 90 pavillions, If you like multimedia I recommend you Japan, Germany, Morocco, Lithuania, Arag√≥n and Spain. More related to design is the pavillion about thirst and the one of cities of water. Besides if you like adventure don´t forget to go to Extreme Waters pavillion.

There are also exhibitions, I show three: El hombre vertiente, El despertar de la serpiente and Iceberg.

Some videos in the Expo:



Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Behance Network

Surfing around I found the NL from Frame, nice place, it took me to an interview in Behance Magazine, which took me to Behance Network. This a NY Creative network, perhaps the best one, you have there the Creative Network, the gallery and every thing you want. Can make a profile (see mine here) or even a fast and good portfolio, I can also give my example, but you could play there video, multimedia, projects, etc.

Anyway, a good place to take ideas and to see what´s being done in NY.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Moock against Adobe

So, this is the famous article of Moock from InsideRIA, let´s see what StevenSacks says.

Now Moocks says there´re things wrong in Adobe CS3: Right! Me and many said that a lot of time before and Adobe-believers attacked all of us. We were just thinking in designers, not in RIAS. But they allways justified it in one way or another.

I can´t hear many people now criticising Moock. So, who is wrong? Adobe or Moock? Moock is a programmer and can change his point of view, specially if he has to sell books. Adobe can make some things wrong. It is not so hard to admit it. You don´t need to know a lot about marketing to know that Flash CS3 and Flex was a good operation for RIA market. Now CS4 comes so as designers can design better. Designer: The one who designs, programmer: The one who programmes. So what´s this? A bit conservative vision of the workflow. Isn´t it?

Things usually are not black or white, they are usually grey...

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

DoubleYou against Joakim Borgstrom

So: Everypeople here are talking about DoubleYou as a chatterbox in Spain. I have decided to make my own investigation. Where is the success of a company? In the people or in the talent of a person? This is my question right now!

First of all, you can read references about him in InteractivaDigital, latinspots, Inspiración, Offf2005, DoubleYou Festivals, DoubleYou Interviews, ElMundo, Anuncios or even Microsoft. He is member of IADAS and moved to Wieden & Kenedy.

See below some works of Wieden & Kennedy from Japan:

After reading all this info about Borgstrom and his works with DoubleYou, what can I say? Probably time will say which percentage of success comes from Borgstrom.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Best Flash websites

As I am making some research on this (see Actionscript mythical webs III or II or I) and I found a post of Rob talking about the best flash sites ever, I had decided to make some noise here.

First of all I must say that Rob´s list is out of place. There are many sites from before year 2000 and he doesn´t take into account programming, just design (I see some webs there in 800x600).

So, if you wanna know which are the best flash sites ever, gotoAndPlay: Taschen, FWA, Designflavr, perhaps Ebizmba, take a look at the blog bestFlashWebsites, or see on your right my list of Portfolios and Studios, or go to flashprayer, Adobe, Wordpress, webDesignStuff or Flash99good, SmashingMagazine ,FlashDen or FreelanceSwitch. Am I right?

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Google on gay pride Madrid


I just saw this caravan on Madrid Gay Parade last saturday.
They have a wifi connection. Curious.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Thoughts on Google indexing Flash

I am reading about good news coming from Google Webmaster Central Blog, , my question is if googlebot will be able to read all the scattered code from websites made in AS1 or AS2 or just in the Classes. My strong recommendation about this is using also Google sitemaps, mainly cos they´re not reading XML unless you use it (specially for those websites with content from XML). Another problem that I find is that Javascript flash content is not rode. I don´t use, but I´m afraid many non flash-programmers did. You did wrong!

So, I hope next time Google Robot makes a turn around the web, Flash websites are better indexed. Probably I think we´ll have a great GoogleDance.

More info in DigitalBackCountry, GoogleBlog and Seomoz