Thursday, 26 June 2008

Julius Wiedemann, Guidelines for online success

I was wondering how to title this post. First I thought about "Julius Wiedemann" only but after a while I decided to post it together with his last publication.

I come up with this fantastic book called Guidelines for Online Success, from Taschen and together with Rob Ford. As you can check here, there´s a flip about the book, you can even zoom the first fifty pages of the book. This book is all about websites, specially fantastic ones. I can say I almost know a 75% of the websites appearing in the book, probably you will also if you like web surfing.

So I decide to investigate a lot about the man I consider one of the best websurfers of the web, Julius Viedemann, probably together with Einsmann. You can see all publications from Viedermann here, hard-work! I rode the cheaper ones (6.95€) and recommend them to you if you didn´t know them. You can read a review about them here and other about Guidelines for Online Success here.

I surfed a while an found an interview with Julius here. So he is a brazilian who studied design and marketing (nice, only missed programming!) and what I like most of him is that he always gets the best from websites, very positive in his comments.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

GIF Optimization

Imagine you have to do a .GIF in Flash with a background image. Imagine that you have to use Flash cos there´s an animation of letters. Overmore and again: There is a background image.

Besides we are talking about a very important and international customer who doesn´t want to use CSS or Flash for it. This could have been really easy embedding a .SWF or just using the .GIF and another div down with the background image. But this is not the case, our customer wants a .GIF all together with a background image with less than 100 Kb and good quality.

So, this is what I did:
- I made the animation of letters in Flash and saved is as a .GIF with no background image. Parametres for the .GIF: Play it as a bucle, animation, color optimization, soft, Transparent, None, Web snap adaptative, 255
- I opened it in ImageReady and saved it as a .PSD
- I opened the .PSD in Photoshop, put the background image and saved a sequence of .JPGs for every frame
- I created a new .GIF with the animation so that the background image is in every step.
- I saved the new .GIF. with less than 100 Kb and good quality.

- Flash is stupid for creating .GIF (still is!)
- Fireworks did not solve much
- I strongly think Adobe should have not removed ImageReady

Actionscript Mythical Webs III: Studios I

Usually lots of designers get inspiration from thefwa, ok, that´s good. But there are more places, some of them the ones you see below. These are the best studios, every designer and even programmer would like to work here.

They published a book about their works here, where they say: "The London-based design studio Hi-ReS! (Handsome information – Radical ent-ertainment Systems!) was founded by Alexandra Jugovic and Florian Schmitt in 1999. Over the last years, Hi-ReS! has established itself as one of the leading studios worldwide in the realization and implementation of sophisticated interactive commercial projects... The strength of Hi-ReS! lies not only in its masterful linear storytelling, but also in its creation of sensual interactive experiences that pair an artistic, tongue-in-cheek approach with strong marketing sensibilities. As the work in this book with DVD shows, it’s a combination that allows the studio to meet client goals while remaining true to the pioneering spirit of the online world."

They play with video, although I don´t like much Goldfrapp, brilliant works such as DolceGabbana, Beck, Papervision with Hidefhigh, uniqlo, the japanese trade mark (although not so good as uniqlo try)

They are no afraid of using white backgrounds, good animations as in Gettheglass, toys to play in Brio, future and lot about cars as Toyota. The work I lik more is the experience web of Fjallbrynt. I think they also made VodafoneJourney

They are japanese. I like the use of colours, all is clean, soft, so as in Yorisuki or Haunted Hotel. Specially I like Desktop collection (down right), another experience web stylish, relaxing, peacefull, all right brother?

Contemporary Graphic Design

Last times I think this blog was taking a wrong direction. Too much about programming and less about design. And as I said when I created the blog a year and a half ago, this is exactly in the line between Design and Programming. Interaction is where I feel comfortable and where I wanna be.

So, you will see a little move on contents, getting nearer to Interaction Design again. Related to this, as a present from my birthday, good friends made me a gift, it was the book Contemporary Graphic Design from Taschen. You can read also critics from Gráfica Coletiva, Design Related, ComoLaNadaMisma and Balladora.

What else shall I say about it? Well, as a difference from other similar books, this one has lots of explanations about design and designers. Usually you only see works and that´s all. This is better. I like knowing how a campaign was launched, why the designer made things in that way, what he was looking at, etc. Moreover, I think in Design as a velocity runner, so you have to be aware of what´s on every time. In my opinion this book makes it, there are many people I didn´t know and they´re quite fine and stylish!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Max Kiesler: Another place to look at

I have found the website of Max Kiesler, and am fascinating about all the proposals this website makes. Although most of them are made with Java, we can have good ideas and inspiring surfing around this site, specially the DesignDemo area.

One of the places I liked here was Viewzi, a new searcher. The difference with the others is that this one focuses on images. Take a look around and experience it

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Firefox 3 & Flash Xtensions

Hope we make the record today!
I´ve seen several things, by now, we don´t have any more FlashTracer until new version is released. Same for other Extensions. I hope in next days all are ok. I like the look&feel of the new Firefox. And something I do not like, some disgusting things as these:



Wednesday, 4 June 2008

IndexBook publications

This is an interesting book about what marketing people say of design and programming. You will laugh a lot with it.

IndexBook is a Spanish Design Editorial which has many good publication. Have a look at it! Usually they make a challenge for all designers to have some of their designs published in their books. As a result about this I have some of mine published in the book Symbols, siluetas, iconos y pictogramas (Symbols, siluettes, icons and pictograms). These are some conceptual draws that I made. They are called the Icon Machine Toys, because the idea was that all of them came from the same creator machine.

AS3 Learning difficulties

My main problem migrating to AS3 is not the language or the sintax, it has to be with OOP, and specially with frameworks, I can´t find good examples of frameworks for publicity. I have seen MVC, PureMVC, Cairngorm, ARP and some more. But they are usually too complicated and have the server part which is not one of my interests.

I think people do not want to see his code exposed, moreover if they have their own classes constructed or libraries or whatsoever.

What´s other people using? There are not good examples there. Those who feel themselves as gurus, they have this problem, they think all people have same level as them. And it is not! So this is what I feel like...

Adobe things-to-do list

Hereby is my sincere and humild opinion about some sad topics about Adobe. I am tired of hearing all people saying how fantastic Adobe is. Ok, Adobe is good, but they still have to improve. These are some things they should improve in the future:

1- Flash Editor: Let me laugh about it! Editor de Flash. I even heard that it is not a priority for the Flash team. Oh my God! What is then? Papervision?

2- Changes in the names of the software programs: Obviously this is responding to a good markeging planification. Previosly Apollo then Air...

3- Removing some useful software and keeping on others useless. Freehand: Removed! Image Ready: Removed! Have you tried to make a .GIF in Flash? Oh my God again! Do you know Adobe Output Designer?

4- Removing Actionscript methods useful for designers. There is not answer about this: LoadMovie is removed, and as this, much more. Now, they would say that the proccess is better now, blah blah blah. Come on: They used one line for loadMovie and now they have to use three or more. Say whatever: This a mistake!

5- This is one of the biggest, perhaps because of its predominance along the time. It is keeping on those users manuals, .pdfs, Help of programs and so on... Come on, they have no point at all. They are made by programmers or designers, they should make more attention about this.

Do you have anymore?