Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Thinking about designers coding

From my point of view sometimes programmers are not as respectful as they should be with the work of designers. I am talking very seriously at this point. Sometimes I hear despective comments even in distribution lists or forums, usually complainning about the workflow or whatsoever.

Some days ago I was talking to a Creative Director and we wondered what is going to happen with designers who used to code with the new versions of Actionscript. Specially due to the reason that the learning curve of Actionscript 3.0 is not the same of Actionscript 2.0, mainly because that designer who used to programm in AS2 some things, now has to learn also OOP. So the jump is not so easy.

I used to be a designer and migrated to programming by the Actionscript way. And to be frank, I don´t have the answer to the question I mentioned. Probably we can have some with next version of Flash (CS4) and perhaps with Thermo. On the while you should take a look to the link below. This application is called Wix, it is a beta but you can easily ask for a license. It is a interface which generates a .swf just with drag&drop and customizing.

Ok, it is not Flash but I think something like this could be a good opportunity for designers. More, why Adobe does not make something similar? Because it is made by programmers? I don´t know but they should. Definately!

Monday, 26 May 2008

Actionscript mythical webs II

Let´s talk about the Actionscript introduction of video in the web!

Comming from telecommunications in first place there used to be the Vodafone Journey website, yet on line. This was an amazing event in the introduction of video formats and cue points for the actionscript community. Made by North Kingdom, one of my favourite studios with hi-res, but we´ll talk about studios other day.

Apart from the friendly blonde girl, called Lucy, we can watch almost a movie in this site. I think this website was fascinating at its launch, and still is! Don´t know why video hasn´t been on the road lastly! But this was really a big point from Flash. You can move around the timeline although some more interaction is missing, isn´t it?

Another video flash site I like and was at least curious is the one from IKEA, so: what´s happening there? Is it a movieclip? Timeline? Video integrated? How do they do it to move from one side or another? Lots of questions about this websites. Actually they have used something very similar in the last launch of anothe IKEA section. In this one you feel like in an elevator. Check it out and answer please: How did they make it?

First example: Some years ago, 2006:

Second example: Just now (elevator experience):

Both done by IKEA Systems, cannot say more about it.

Interaction Design

Back in our way, away from Papervision prophets I come up with Interaction Design. I have found Jon Kolko, I think he is a member of IDXA (Interaction Design Association). I strongly recommend you to have a look at that site, if you didn´t know it before.

So, far from programming we are talking here about concepts, and concepts should be before any programming, creativity or whatsoever. Jon Kolko publishes via web a book called Thoughts on Interaction Design. I think you should have a look at it also. He is talking about Interactive Design from a conceptual point of view. I like the way he sees designers, but these ones should be specialised in interaction, something not very common, at least here in Spain.

It has good examples and talks about very interesting things such as Prototyping, scenarios, the emotion-technology binomial, the process of interaction, concept maps and these so fascinating things for those who have used the mind maps of Tony Buzan and similar things.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Papervision: Fashion or victim?

This question is not mine, alghough it could be. It comes from one of the creators of Charlie and the factory of shit banners (banners collection).

But don´t miss out of the title. Papervision, fashion or future? Tendence or technology? fashion or victim? I´m really tired of this, as much as you should be one year before of hearing about web 2.0 and all that stuff. This is the same, yes, we all like In an absolut World, Tag Galaxy, Five 3D, Away 3D, Papervision, Sandy, Spectra, VaryWell, etc etc.

Do you really think this is gonna be the internet tendence? Come on, don´t make me laugh!
Cubes are nice, ok, but I dare say nobody is talking about it in one year time, same thing that happened to SecondLife, unless you are a prophet of the web.

So now is coming Flashplayer 10 with things related to 3D. Ok, that´s fantastic! Good for them! I do not understand why they don´t make that out of the fascinating BitMapData class, much better and nicer than those cubes moving.

Is it technology that wants to make a tendence? That was made with the invention of the mouse and the windows. If I want to say wow I will see PerceptivePixel or surface . 3D is ok, if you want to be the first perhaps you´re late (well, not for the whole mass), but you will see more and more websites looking the same (same as Flex).

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

AS3 or Freelance´s run

I´m living here in Spain something related to the Actionscript job market. Something we use to talk in this blog as here.

This is my theory: Adobe launches Actionscript 3 and there´s a big break between flash users. Many designers can´t make the jump to Actionscript 3 programming or they just don´t wanna do it because it is too far from what they wanna do (just web design).

On the other hand there are many Java or analog programmers migrating to Actionscript, or just using it besides their programming mother tongue, but from a much more technological view, using server side moreover Flex.

So there´s the hole, the job of creative-programmer or programmer with a designer background or devigner or whatsoelse you want to call it, grows up in the market, it is demanded in such a way that there are not people enough to cover the market. Wages go up and many freelance programmers (with a design background) gather with companies of media and technology. Or they just make their owns companies, who knows? I have seen this many times in Madrid, and I have lived it. This is the Freelances´ run. I don´t know exactly if I can talk about this as a global fact.

Before, it was cheaper to contract freelance. Now perhaps they are so qualified that it is better to contract one of them, you control him better and don´t have to go on that way of subcontracting...

How long? Perhaps until there is the total implantation of AS3 or until the new Flash CS4 version, until Thermo... Who knows...

Friday, 16 May 2008

Actionscript mythical webs I

There´s a job related to the internet I have not done yet. I think it is due to the fact that I haven´t seen it in the news, just only for once. It is called "web surfer" and is hardly related to design and programming. Beetween a coolhunter and a web analyst.

There´re lots of people making something similar with CSS, HTML and all that stuff, but not with Flash or Actionscript webs.

For all this I am gonna make a new section talking about some flash websites which have been mythical for all flashers and perhaps for web in general. I´m not gonna say anything new, it´s all in my link list.

The first two selected make reference to the impact of flash programmers in the web. First is son Mjau-Mjau, related to Ultrashock , second Ecotonoha from Yugop. Both were very relevant to the interactive web community.

Where do I wanna go? I´m just talking about something related to workflow:
Creative-Designer-Writter-Back programmer- Front programmer
Now let´s make a chance! How does an actionscript programmer make a website? I´m sure y0u are not thinking about usability or screens. If you think about MVC, data models or so, then you are deeply a plentifull programmer.

I think in boxes and how the boxes will move. I´m not talking about Flex, it is just interactivity, and I dare say I know how things move in a flash website so I have there my point when planning a web.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The prophets of the web

After surfing and smiling while making some loops via UT Loop, I think it is time I talk about "The prophets of the web".

In UTLoop, which must be french, there is a predominant elemen in the user experience while navigating. Now that it is time you hear lots of bigmouths talking about web 2.0, the future of the web, RIAS, Papervision, vĂ­deo, etc, etc, we are talking here about sound.

First thing is the web nowadays, as we see it. Secondly there are a lot of tendences that can be together, thirdly is what will happen in the future. And that, is rather difficult to say, even for a cool-hunter. Moreover cos it is depending on many variables, one of the tecnology. I shall say tecnology is not all, there is also ethics, progress...

What will happen to web? Yes, you probably know it. And perhaps you know it. You have deep thoughts about it and have even a business plan. You can analise the tendence and know the way things will take turn. Yes, you are a prophet of the web!!!