Thursday, 3 April 2008

Friday link farm!

Friday! Let´s go!
Beginning with Cubo, the japanese girl most seen in the web! All the people is in love with her. What will she have? I dunno. How is it done? I think is 3D, I don´t see any swf around.

Following with Smashing Magazine winning this week to Freelance Switch with the post about39 cool flash sites, I like the one of Eye-Project. Is it BitMapData? Watching the preload I would think that. Well, actually I don´t know how to make a preload to a bitMapData if you have them in the library.

More! 2Advanced launching a web for EA, Tiberium. Curious sites are alsoFontStruct , the rap of VecindadGrafica telling you how to make a website, man, specially if you do with CSS. Do not lose the final dance.

Adobe has also some lauchings. First, workshops in Spain for creatives, nothing about Flash :( Second, Adobe Newsletter of April, with the Panda kung-fu, the one up. Third: New Adobe Magazine number. I like the content more to previous numbers, anyway I continue saying that format is absolutly wrong for a website (no scalable, slow...) They should close it or reform, the same has been told about MXNA (Ryan Stewart).