Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Flashers´ future: multidisciplinar against specialized profiles

For all flashers: This is a challenge many of us have. Some have to do with Design, others with motion, video, animation, corporative identity, music, etc. There was a time when this kind of profiles were the best paid in web services. Now we are perhaps in the times of specialization, so when you go to a job interview and say what you can do, usually they are only interested in some of your skills, but not in all.

This happens, at least in Spain. How can you know if someone is better designing logos or magazines? I think it´s hardly difficult. Probably structures here are rather closed, closed minded people thinking in "one man for one thing". That´s why I talk a lot about devigners. And I see many success cases in multidisciplinar people, just check iso50, Evasee, etc.

Probably many of us have a career evolution and have begun with video or design and then jumped into Flash or Actionscript technology. And what´s there later? You can stay there, migrate to Flex, learn server side, Flah Catalyst,... I see some people making good things with Flash, After Effects and Premiere, etc.

I tend to think many of us can do more than one thing, not just programming or designing, in fact, sometimes I feel I can give a 60% more to my activity. This didn´t happen when I used to be a freelance (I spent 4 years freeelancing until I joined an interactive agency). So if you´re more interested in Self-fulfillment than in money perhaps the way is freelancing, becaming an artist or a consultant.
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