Saturday, 6 December 2008

Flash Catalyst Workflow, Serge Jespers´ Interview

The are two main ideas I get from this video, both related to workflow:

- First one: This is about Flash Catalyst, "We try to solve a really big problem, try to make designers and developers speak the same language". So the designer won´t see any code although it will be there as in Dreamweaver Design/Code interface. There will be prototypes. And the workflow will be easier as it can go forward (Designer -> Developer) or backwards (Developer -> Designer). This first idea is really a challenge. I dare say Adobe is taking a risk here. But I like!

- Second: The connection between Flash and Flex. Serge talks about the future and easier integration by Gumbo so as to have the same aim: Designers, developers and animators working together.

These are good news. Now that we know that FlahsPlatform is the priority for 2009 as Mike Chambers says, we still want more!
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