Saturday, 27 December 2008

A Devigners´blog, The future of this blog.

This year has been a mixed cocktail as usual. First I should say that I have definitely jumped to flash programming and as a result you will see more contents related to this in the blog.

You won´t see code, there´re many blogs about it with better programmers than me. However you will find lots of contents related to Flash, interactivity, Flash Design sites, photograph and books´review. So Design and Interactivity will be the main line of the blog, a devigner´s blog.

Other important point in this blog has always been the preocupation about the work and job market for flashers and actionscript developers. For that we created the Actionscript Linkedin Group. I hope this initiative can help many people, recruiters and flashers.

In third place we will be keeping an eye to Flash Catalyst. I look forward to hearing the day I can play with it! Related to this we will talk about workflow, concepts and prototyping.

Other point of this blog is showing some experiments or labs that I just do: Animation, actionscript 3, interactivity, etc. I used to be a designer and like to show my works. I apologise if some is too bored of hearing "Comet!" every place here.

Lastly we will talk about events as MadInSpain, AdobeAirTour, AdobeMax, campaings of our fauvorite trademarks (Nike, Apple, etc), awards, interesting blogs, feeds and of course about Adobe.

I´d like to give thanks to every people reading or making comments in the blog. I began this as a hobby and am quite happy about this blog. So I hope you have a great time in 2009 and have fun!
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