Saturday, 27 December 2008

A Devigners´blog, The future of this blog.

This year has been a mixed cocktail as usual. First I should say that I have definitely jumped to flash programming and as a result you will see more contents related to this in the blog.

You won´t see code, there´re many blogs about it with better programmers than me. However you will find lots of contents related to Flash, interactivity, Flash Design sites, photograph and books´review. So Design and Interactivity will be the main line of the blog, a devigner´s blog.

Other important point in this blog has always been the preocupation about the work and job market for flashers and actionscript developers. For that we created the Actionscript Linkedin Group. I hope this initiative can help many people, recruiters and flashers.

In third place we will be keeping an eye to Flash Catalyst. I look forward to hearing the day I can play with it! Related to this we will talk about workflow, concepts and prototyping.

Other point of this blog is showing some experiments or labs that I just do: Animation, actionscript 3, interactivity, etc. I used to be a designer and like to show my works. I apologise if some is too bored of hearing "Comet!" every place here.

Lastly we will talk about events as MadInSpain, AdobeAirTour, AdobeMax, campaings of our fauvorite trademarks (Nike, Apple, etc), awards, interesting blogs, feeds and of course about Adobe.

I´d like to give thanks to every people reading or making comments in the blog. I began this as a hobby and am quite happy about this blog. So I hope you have a great time in 2009 and have fun!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

XMas webs, promotions and cards

Just a few words about some Xmas cards or sites I receive lastly. In first place Sony Ericsson.
Some companies as CocaCola Spain (see below) make interactive microsites.

I like very much this one from WeGotIt, well done!
Also you can take a look at the video of AKQA or take part into some funny quiz as this one about the king of Spain, kingandwin, where you can win 1500€.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Flash Design & Interactivity Inspiration

Sometimes people ask me for Flash websites. I have in my bookmarks some sites to look for Flash Design inspiration. These are: Coolsites from Domestika, DesignFlavr, the InspirationRoom, Behance, the romanian site DesignCollector and one I have lastly discovered, a japanese site called Straightline.

You could also take a look to NetMag, Flashprayer or this particular site from India, ChooseIndia, apart from SmashingMagazine (see here and here).

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Web Design: Interactive & Games

A little resume of another Taschen web reference book.
What can I say about this book? Well the format is the same as previous numbers of the same collection, you can see all works published by Wiedemann here, we already posted about him here.

We miss some more explanation about the sites but I understand this is more like a visual guide for web surfers. I like the concept of Adtertainment of Mike John Otto from BlackBeltMonkey.

There are no many websites about play games (they could make other book about them). I like very much the sites from BMW, Free Running, Adidas Game, BeBoard, Kia Motors,
Impossible Story, Moving Day, Solitaire, Pharrell, Driftlab and the one I like more "One fine day in London".

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Flash Catalyst Workflow, Serge Jespers´ Interview

The are two main ideas I get from this video, both related to workflow:

- First one: This is about Flash Catalyst, "We try to solve a really big problem, try to make designers and developers speak the same language". So the designer won´t see any code although it will be there as in Dreamweaver Design/Code interface. There will be prototypes. And the workflow will be easier as it can go forward (Designer -> Developer) or backwards (Developer -> Designer). This first idea is really a challenge. I dare say Adobe is taking a risk here. But I like!

- Second: The connection between Flash and Flex. Serge talks about the future and easier integration by Gumbo so as to have the same aim: Designers, developers and animators working together.

These are good news. Now that we know that FlahsPlatform is the priority for 2009 as Mike Chambers says, we still want more!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Flashers´ future: multidisciplinar against specialized profiles

For all flashers: This is a challenge many of us have. Some have to do with Design, others with motion, video, animation, corporative identity, music, etc. There was a time when this kind of profiles were the best paid in web services. Now we are perhaps in the times of specialization, so when you go to a job interview and say what you can do, usually they are only interested in some of your skills, but not in all.

This happens, at least in Spain. How can you know if someone is better designing logos or magazines? I think it´s hardly difficult. Probably structures here are rather closed, closed minded people thinking in "one man for one thing". That´s why I talk a lot about devigners. And I see many success cases in multidisciplinar people, just check iso50, Evasee, etc.

Probably many of us have a career evolution and have begun with video or design and then jumped into Flash or Actionscript technology. And what´s there later? You can stay there, migrate to Flex, learn server side, Flah Catalyst,... I see some people making good things with Flash, After Effects and Premiere, etc.

I tend to think many of us can do more than one thing, not just programming or designing, in fact, sometimes I feel I can give a 60% more to my activity. This didn´t happen when I used to be a freelance (I spent 4 years freeelancing until I joined an interactive agency). So if you´re more interested in Self-fulfillment than in money perhaps the way is freelancing, becaming an artist or a consultant.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Front programmer. How much do you earn?

One ot the things we´ve posted about in this blog is the Actionscript job market, not only in Spain, but also in the rest of the world. In fact, we support this from Linkedin.

So, last weekend I was surfing on the web in some of the marketing links I have. I discovered "el libro blanco de los contenidos digitales", it is a spanish publication about digital contents. Also I came up with the "Estudio de Honorarios de Marketing Directo e Interactivo 2008", I would translate it as "The Direct and interactive marketing wages research". We posted about the Coroflot, la Design Salary Survey some time ago. If you want you can participate, I think it´s until last day of december, and look forward to hearing from the results.

Back to the pdf, there´s a big mistake cos they´re talking about money in Euros per day when everypeople here talks about thousand Euros per year. There are also huge differences between for example a 'front programmer' and an 'advanced front programmer'. So, which is the limi? Actionscript 3? Flex? The server side? We shall ask them...