Friday, 14 November 2008

Actionscript vs. Timeline Animation

Why is it better to animate with code?

In most of the cases I find the following reasons:

- There are not 1500 frames as I´ve found in timeline animation.
- There are not 50 layers or so.
- There are not 100 movieclips. I make script animations with 2 frames or just one, and two layers (content an Actions) or a Document Class. Sometimes more layers just to see it clearer.
- I don´t use masks, if I had to use one I´d do it by code.
- Animating by code I have more control of the film.
- This is much more better for maintenance, I have to make a change I won´t die in the try or diving into timeline.
- I can use tweens or similar libraries, so I can make movements that otherwise wouldn´t be possible.
- I can use bitmapData.
- It is clearer, more organized and more effective.
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