Monday, 22 September 2008 vs. SlideRocket

We already posted about Photoshop in the web, this version, previously known as Photoshop Express, is now officially launched as

I am quite happy about this and all things you can do with it. The most important ones for me is the possibility of importing photos from Picassa, Flickr or Facebook. Of course, you can also make arrangementes to photos and all those things we already know. You can also publish an album. And the best thing is that is free!

On the other hand we find SlideRocket. This is about slideshows, something I like if you have seen my website. You can import a Powerpoint so as to prepare the slides. The transitions are great and you can publish the material in the web also.

So, this kind of applications are perhaps the future. Why do you need to have them in your computer if you can have them on the web?
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