Monday, 8 September 2008

MadInSpain 08

So! There we are!
Lastly we have a Designers/motionners/programmers festival here in Madrid!
And we are very happy about it. We´ll meet there, change experiences, see other´s people work, interact, have a party. It sounds nice!

If you happen to be in Madrid next friday 12th or saturday 13th, you must be there. There´s no chance!

Some of the people talking: Alberto Corazón, AKQA, Carlos Ulloa about Papervision, Domestika (organizers), Farfar, Helio Vega, LaMosca, Spin, Zinkia, Albert Folch, Brand New School, JVM,
Joshua Davis, Rufus and Waskman.

Some people from motion: Cocoe, Tavo López, Boolab, iikki.

Even more: Abel Martínez, 33rpm, El moreno, Emil Kozak, IAAH, The Hejz, Urban Sapiens, Vasava and VuduMedia

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