Wednesday, 17 September 2008

MadInSpain 08, crítics

What can I say about this Design event? Is it all said? This is my personal opinion about it:

- Alberto Corazón: He rode a lot, good ideas but a bit boring.
- Albert Foch: I already knew the fanzine 137, great job! I can´t understand how three people with so good ideas can work together.
- LaMosca: Well, I couldn´t see the infographics very well. It was interesting what they said about workflow.
- AKQA: This people talked more in a concept sense. Perfect.
- Zinkia: Interesting, I don´t think they will have same success with new trademarks as they havd with Pocoyo.
- FarFar: His message: "Create time, ongoing advertising". It was great what they said about workflow: Online should be previous to Offline.

Saturday morning I couldn´t go, so I was there again after lunch:
- Carlos Ulloa: Papervision at all!
- Jung Von Matt: A bit boring, I think due to timetamble. I had listened before to some ideas as writting ads with ASCII in GoogleAds (aMinima).
- Waskman: This was the best. The way they exposed ideas, the workflow, he was a Master!
- Brand New School: I think all of us knew their job for Adobe. It looked like they were showing all the rejected works of the company.
- Joshua Davis: A showman. Truely, all flashers wonder how can a man reach so far with that generative art.

In general it was good. I liked it althought many told me past year was better. I suppose it is difficult to make it with three disciplines: Design, Video and Web, although we saw a lot of multidisciplinar people.

Perhaps they should make 3 days instead of 2.

Half Genetsis in MadInSpain
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